driver19 19:15 26 Oct 2007

Can any one help please.
I have, C drive (master) and T drive (Slave)
C is so full only 4% free space, while T has 69% free space.
My qustion is, how can i make the T drive the master, and the C drive the slave?. C is 16GB with a small partition. while T is 120Gb..

  skidzy 19:33 26 Oct 2007

Get yourself a copy of Acronis,then image the drive that is full (basically known as cloning) and transfer this cloned imaged to the bigger drive and make this master.

There are a couple of freeware imaging programs,but i would prefer Acronis.

If you have an external drive,i would back up everything first and create the here
keep having a look at the Amazon link daily,as the price goes up and varies.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:35 26 Oct 2007

assumming all your programs are on C: and just dta on T:

You need to use "cloning" software to copy the C: drive to the T: drive. Acronis true Image is a favourite but there are others.

Then swap over on the cables and the jumpers.
Boot to Bios and make sure BIOS sees the drives in the right order.

  DieSse 19:50 26 Oct 2007

Just a slight correction to avoid misunderstanding.

Cloning is what you want - this is creating an exact replica of your current drive onto your large drive.

Imaging is normally taken to mean something a little different - so don't try imaging (in Acronis, for example) as you won't get a clone - and a clone is what you need.

Be aware that some simpler, free clone programs will clone your 16GB drive onto your 120GB drive - but the clone will be so exact that you'll have a 16GB C drive and 104 GB of unallocated space.

Programs like Acronis will enable you to get around this issue. Acronis will also be an excellent investment for making backups in the future.

  DieSse 19:55 26 Oct 2007

PS - if you already have data on the T drive (as looks so) - then making a clone will destroy that data - so your procedure needs to be a little more complicated.

Ideally you need to make a second partition on the T drive - copy the data into it - then clone your C drive into the primary partition.

OR, even safer, copy your data from the T drive onto DVDs, then do the cloning, then copy the data back.

  driver19 21:53 26 Oct 2007

Thank you every one. seems to be a bit of confusion on this one, i have ordered " acronis" so will see what is what when it arrives.not quiet sure which route i will take though

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