Very dumb XP question

  NotVeryTechie 14:16 22 Feb 2008

Hi there

Sorry if this is really dumb - could someone please explain to me the difference between different XP versions. XP Pro, XP home, SP1, SP2, etc.

What should I look for when buying XP?

I also see on places like ebay, people selling an OEM version and sending a small piece of hardware with it to make it legal. Is this legal?

Hope you can help

  bremner 14:20 22 Feb 2008

XP Pro is XP Home with some additional security and networking functionality.

SP1 and SP2 are the major updates for XP. SP3 is going to be publicly released shortly.

  bremner 14:23 22 Feb 2008

OEM is a version of Home or Pro that is supposed to be bought for new build machines. The license is only valid for that machine. If the machine dies so does the license.

A normal license allows for use of the software on any one machine at a time. i.e. it can be transfered to a different machine so long as it is deleted from the original.

  wee eddie 14:26 22 Feb 2008

Do you have a PC with no OS or are you thinking of Upgrading from 98se or ME?

  Totally-braindead 16:06 22 Feb 2008

As bremner says, I should point out perhaps that SP1 etc are updates that are downloadable from Microsoft so to a certain degree they are all the same. Advantage if you have an SP2 disk is that theres much less updates to download.

Theres only 3 XP operating systems. XP Home, XP Pro and XP Media Centre.

For the majority of people XP Home is more than adequate as they don't need the extras XP Pro gives.

I would hesitate to buy this sort of thing from Ebay. Technically with OEM by selling it with hardware they are covering themselves BUT if you use it in an existing computer then YOU are breaking the licence agreement about OEM software. Which basically states that OEM software if for sale with a NEW computer and dies with the computer and cannot be moved on to another system later on. If you buy the Full version - which is much more expensive - you can delete it from your old PC and install it on a newer one.

Now the reason I would hesitate to buy it from Ebay is the amount of copies that are out there, some even look exactly like the original disks and considering an original copy of XP Home OEM costs about £60 I personally don't consider it worth the risk and would prefer to buy the likes of this from a genuine company such as click here or click here=

  beeuuem 16:33 22 Feb 2008

Or even from click here

  NotVeryTechie 16:57 22 Feb 2008

Thank you again for the great answers.

wee eddie - I actually want to downgrade from Vista!

  NotVeryTechie 17:10 22 Feb 2008

I see many of the places to buy XP, including the ones mentioned above, sell OEM versions. So if I buy an OEM version, do I then install it on one computer only? And then it will still be ok?

  Pamy 17:30 22 Feb 2008

NotVeryTechie,Beware that many people have problems downgrading from Vista to XP. Search these forums to read about their woes.

  Pamy 17:33 22 Feb 2008
  Pamy 17:33 22 Feb 2008

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