Very dark laptop screen ...

  Heefie 10:01 24 Dec 2010

I am looking at a laptop for a friend, it's a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo V5535, and the screen is very dark. If you shine a torch on it, at the right angle, you can see that it is all working, you just can't see anything. The "Function / Screen brighten" key does nothing. If I plug in an external monitor, then that displays fine until Windows (Vista Home Basic) starts, when it loses the connection unless I am in Safe Mode whereas it keeps the connection, but that's another problem, I guess, but I mention it as it indicates to me that this is not a Software problem.

I was told that this is probably the backlight, so I have been onto ebay and bought a "fully tested & working" backlight & inverter, which has come as a complete lid, apart from the actual screen. I have fitted this (and what a pain in the arse that was !!!) & booted up the laptop, but there is no difference.

So question 1 ... How can I test that this is working / faulty ? I've no other laptops that I can start swapping bits back & forth with to see which bits work and which don't, is there anything that I should be able to see to indicate whether it's working or not ... apart from the screen, obviously :-D ?!?!?

Question 2 ... Could it be the screen itself ? I think not, as I can see that it is "working", it's just very dark, but this is my first foray into laptop repair ...

Question 3 ... I have just found out that the actual light itself is inside the screen assembly and "Replacing the backlight lamp is not an easy task even for experienced technicians" ... so could it just be that this bulb is gone / damaged ?1? The laptop was apparently damaged in the first place by being hit on the lid with a dolly, I guess this is a possibility ...

Any help greatly appreciated, as I don't really want to disassemble the screen if I don't have to !!!

Thanks ... and Merry Christmas to everybody, but a Merrier Christmas to anybody who can help ;-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:48 24 Dec 2010

Certainly sounds like Backlight or invertor
"If you shine a torch on it, at the right angle, you can see that it is all working, you just can't see anything." is classic symptom.

There is no light in the screen. If the screen / connections were damaged then you wouldn't get image as stated.

To use external monitor when in windows you need to press a key combination Fn + one of the f keys the one with the blue sqaure. you may need to "cycle through" - LCD - external only - lcd + external.

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