Very cheap printer

  iqs 20:49 16 Nov 2009

Hello all.

Can you please recommend a very cheap printer,and more importantly one which uses cheap original cartridges,which will be used only for invoices and receipts please?.

Thank you

  woodchip 22:22 16 Nov 2009

Why buy a Cheep Printer, then only use original cartridges? it does not make sense. Thats why I think no body as posted your thread

  Ashrich 22:34 16 Nov 2009

You'd probably be better looking for a cheap laser printer as there are no such things any more as cheap original inkjet cartridges . I did look at the Canon IP1600 for you , but the cartridges cost more to replace than the printer itself and nobody does compatibles at a decent price . click here for some cheap lasers , but shop around , you may find them cheaper .


  sharpamat 09:11 17 Nov 2009

As aready advised its an unusual mix. depends also what you are useing for.If its just a Mono then go for a lazer.

If its colour and your only useing original you need to look more at the price of the ink than the price of the printer.

Printers are cheap its the cost of ink the companies make their money on. it can often be seen the higher the price of the ink the lower the price of the printer

  Graphicool1 09:26 17 Nov 2009

I have the same choice as everyone, original or clone. But at the end of the day it's a no brainer. My printer is an Epson Stylus Color 3000. The original ink cartridges (it takes 4) are £50 each, the clones are £5 each. Now let me think, which ones should I go for?

The answer my friends isn't blowing in the wind, the answer is...neither, I fill them myself for less than £2.50 each. At the end of the day the choice is yours!

  jack 09:59 17 Nov 2009

Say the same thing-' There ain't no such thing as a 'Free Lunch'
Cheap Printer=Expensive Refills.
Even refilling your own has its limitations.

I abandoned 'Inkjet for a colour laser last Christmas and have recently carried out a motherboard 'Mod' to bypass the chip reader, so that I can refill the 'Carts'[Very Messy -retire to garden shed, dress in oldest clothes]
Even here the number of times a 'Cart' can be filled' is possibly limited due to wear on the mechanical components.

  Graphicool1 10:33 17 Nov 2009

CIS (not the US TV cop show) 'Continuous Ink System' would be the answer to all my dreams. Sadly though my printer is one of the few that they are not made for. Ironic really, being as with most printers the heads move back and fore. Mine on the other hand are stationary, which one would think would make it easier to make a CIS for!?

We're looking to move soon and after we do I intend giving it a go to build my own CIS.
I was put off filling my own as I'd heard that it was messy. Then I got talking to a friend in a PC shop locally and he convinced me to have a go. That was a year ago and apart from one little messy moment at the start (not paying attention) I find it to be a breeze.

  cocteau48 10:52 17 Nov 2009

Have a look at the price of these CIS systems click here and then do a search for the prices of the compatible printers.

One year ago,totally fed up with being bankrupted by the cost of Lexmark cartridges, I bought an Epson R285 with CIS system for under £70.00.

You get a massive 100ml of each colour with these kits and refill bottles are about £1.50 for another 100ml.

Twelve months on I have used less than 50% of the ink which came with the kit and I would probably have spent something around £30.00 on cartridges over that time,even allowing for refilling a couple of times.

  Graphicool1 13:22 17 Nov 2009

I got all excited there for a moment, but the feeling soon passed. When I realised that you weren't pointing up a company who makes a CIS to use on my system! Surprisingly, even knowing how cheaply they can be obtained now, doesn't make me feel any better about not being able to get one for my printer? Still thanks anyway. I'll make a note of that site for when I get round to attempting an adaption.

  jack 14:16 17 Nov 2009

Spotted this, in trying to figure what you sday the heads do not move?
How do they scan the page width?
click here

  Graphicool1 15:30 17 Nov 2009

Thanks for the thought, however I can actually get clones for £5 each, and as said previously, I fill my own for less than £2.50.

I didn't say or at least didn't mean to infer that the heads don't move. But in most printers, the cartridges sit above the heads and move with them. My carts on the other hand stay still and the ink is pumped to the heads.

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