A very big :- " THANK YOU ALL. "

  geordielad307 08:37 16 Aug 2004

I have stated this previously, but this board is TERRIFIC.!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know stuff all about computers, and I can only barely follow instructions in BIG letters. LOL.

On Saturday I posted, yet again, one of my inane questions. Within 30 mins I had four replies which allowed my to solve the problem which had been driving me crazy for a couple of days.

Believe you me, when you are stuck in Germany with a non-working laptop, with EVERYTHING in German, and not having a great knowledge of the language, you are in the DEEP stuff .... that is, unless you have access to ComputerAdvisor. !!!!

You folk come through for me every time, and I cannot thank you enough. You have patience and knowledge, and a willingness to share it with idiots like me.

I read the posts almost every day, but, like German, it is still a foriegn language to me. LOL.

Anyway, you folk have others to help and can't sit reading my ramblings. Thanks once again.

Hope not to be troubling you in the very near future, but, rest assured, I WILL be back. LOL


  hinny 09:02 16 Aug 2004

I agree with you, I am very grateful for all the help I have received !

  Smegs 10:53 16 Aug 2004

Thats nice.

  stalion 11:21 16 Aug 2004

I am sure a thankyou is appreciated by all the hard working helpers on here and thankyou for yours

  Wak 16:21 16 Aug 2004

I too have had some very good advice from this forum so I understand your feelings.
Is this German computer your own or do you borrow it as I wondered if it is possible to change the language over from German to English in the Control panel or the individual programs???
Just a thought!!!

  Dorsai 17:32 16 Aug 2004

Plus, a useful site, click here for a free online translator.

it can come up with the occasional wierd translastion, the spanish for hub-cap "tapacubos" (as on a car) came back as 'it covers buckets', or "tapa cubos" 'nose cap'

I had an invoice to sign off,, and the description for the part invoiced was in spanish, so i translated it

what i think tapacubos really meand is 'bucket lid' which is sort-of understandable as a description for a hub cap. any way they also go german to english. Might come in handy

  woodchip 17:52 16 Aug 2004

It's nice to see some one grateful and say so. But just a reply when putting a tick in the box would help others what worked or did not work, And would be thank's enough. But a lot do not have the courtesy to say that.

  Legolas 18:00 16 Aug 2004

I would like to add my thankyou to the thankyous and thankyou to the first thankyoer for saying thankyou as it gives us thankyouers a oppertunity to say thankyou. If you see what I mean. ;-)

  Smiler 18:04 16 Aug 2004

^ for my postings

  THE TERMINATOR 20:08 16 Aug 2004

At the end of the day, we are all sat here just waiting to help YOU with your problem, as are you with OURS, so thankyou in advance....TT

  jack 20:16 16 Aug 2004

Echoed by me and I hope my small input is of some help and not always shows me up as a wally

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