Very basic question

  NJC 19:09 03 Oct 2006

Having previously incorrectly purchased a router with no modem, I have been back to the shops and bought a D-Link DSL-G604T which includes a built in adsl modem and I have succesfully installed it.

However it is all setup but it still remains plugged into my ethernet port on the back of my computer and when I unlpug it, I lose my internet connection.

So how can I have wirelss internet if the blasted thing is still plugged in with a wire?! What i want is the router over by the phone point, wirelessly beaming internet to my computer in another room.

Please help!

  LAPTOPBABE 21:19 03 Oct 2006

Have you set up the software to do wireless, usually as you set up it asks you if you want to use wireless or not, but this is on the netgear router which is dead easy to set up. i should go back into the set up procedure and check.

  handful 21:38 03 Oct 2006

What are you connecting with, an adaptor or a usb dongle? Don't forget to set up a wireless connection as it is not going to connect on a LAN without being connected by a cable. Windows xp will do this or if you have eg a Dlink dongle you can disable the xp connection and use the dlink software called airplus G

  NJC 21:54 03 Oct 2006

Bit lost with the jargon here, sorry. Not familiar with dongle? I did setup wireless with security measures too, nowhere did it ask if i wanted wireless internet connection, just assumed i wanted to only use an ethernet cable. Should I just go ahead and use the 'wireless network setup wizard' in xp's control panel?

  ade.h 23:18 03 Oct 2006

"Should I just go ahead and use the 'wireless network setup wizard' in xp's control panel?"

Definitely not. Not least because it does not do anything to the router and secondly it, frankly, doesn't really do anything.

1) Enable the wireless service in 604T.
2) Switch on your W-LAN adapter before logging in to a user account.
3) Single-click the W-LAN icon in the Notification Area, refresh the list of available networks from the link on the task pane and connect.
4) Configure client firewall if required and/or when prompted.

  ade.h 23:19 03 Oct 2006

Oh and another thing. Don't turn off SSID broadcast; Windows WZC cannot work properly without it and you won't see your network when you browse for it.

  NJC 13:04 04 Oct 2006

Okay let's start at the beginning:

"1) Enable the wireless service in 604T."

How do I do this? There does not seem to be any button or anywhere on windows where I can 'access' the 604T. I have taken a look at control panel/network connections, am I on the right track?

  NJC 13:20 04 Oct 2006

Hold everything. Is it possible that my computer being 2 years old, does not have WLAN capability and only LAN? This would explain why I cannot find any options to engage a WLAN.

Perhaps I have to turn it on somehow? Or do I need to go and get one of those USB adaptors?

I thought i already had capability as I have an option in control panel for 'wireless network setup wizard'.

  ade.h 15:27 04 Oct 2006

You access routers by entering their default gateway IP into a browser! This is how you would have originally configured the router.

  ade.h 15:30 04 Oct 2006

Let's clarify the Wireless Network Wizard: it is a client-side tool that is intended to allow the user to enter their SSID, channel and encryption key. In other words, it duplicates what the client can do for itself when you browse for and connect to your W-LAN, at which point the only input from you will be the encryption key.

  handful 20:27 05 Oct 2006

NJC, I think you hit the nail on the head, your desktop will not be able to pick up a signal wirelessly and you will need to buy either a usb adaptor (commonly referred to as a dongle hence my earlier comment!). A compatable one for your router would be a Dlink DWL122 click here (not necessarily the cheapest) or you can alternatively go for a PCI LAN adaptor which has to be installed into a spare PCI slot inside the PC. The usb option is easier as you just plug it into any free usb socket. To get into the setup, connect to the router with the network cable and type into the address bar of internet explorer and it will take you into the sign in screen for your router. The default userid is admin and same again for password. You need to go into this also to set up security. Another tip, when you try to connect with the adaptor, disable the windows wireless option as it conflicts with Dlinks. Good luck!

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