Vertical stripes when I switch on

  sue256 17:06 24 Jun 2006

When I turn off my computer, leave it for some time and then turn it on I get vertical stripes on the screen. I have to wait about 5 minutes and then restart to get rid of them. I'm using Windows XP.

  DieSse 17:18 24 Jun 2006

Without seeing exactly what you mean by "vertical stripes" - it's a bit difficult to comment.

Most of these type of artefacts are graphics card related.

So - first try your monitor on a friends system - and vice versa if possible.

If it's not the monitor, take out the graphics card (if there is a seperate one), clean the connector (rub lightly with an eraser) - fit it firmly back in the slot.

Report what happens.

  wee eddie 20:24 24 Jun 2006

Could be relevant. New or old?

  wee eddie 20:29 24 Jun 2006

Could be relevant.

New or old?

  johngie 14:35 25 Jun 2006

I'm not sure whether this is related, but I'm using an "el-cheapo" TFT. Sometimes just as Windows starts (when the Windows 'flag' should appear) the monitor turns all white and fails with an "out of range" error. I can get back by unplugging the supply to the monitor (not just hitting the on-off button). Once Windows is established, there's no problem.


  Terry Brown 15:25 25 Jun 2006

Have you checked the MHZ rate on the graphics card to the monitor, I'm not 100% sure but I believe the monitor should run about 70mhz and and output to a TV, 60mhz.

Try updating your drivers from the internet.

  sue256 15:42 25 Jun 2006

Its a CRT about 3 years old.

I've tried switching monitor and it's just the same on the other monitor.

I've tried updating the drivers from the internet.

I'm a bit nervous about handling the graphics card - it seems too consistent for a connection problem.

What I get is 4 vertical stripes 2cm wide which are themselves striped and change in colour and pattern while windows is coming on. If I restart after about 5 minutes there is no problem - everything reverts to normal.

  DieSse 17:48 25 Jun 2006

Try another graphics card then - but it costs less to clean the connectors first - just in case.

  sue256 19:46 25 Jun 2006

I take your point, but buying a new graphics card is really not an option. Which is why I am a bit nervous about messing with the one I have got. I expect it's something very simple to you, but I really hesitate to interfere with a basically functional (if extremely irritating) computer.

  DieSse 19:48 25 Jun 2006

The alternative is to live with the problem.

  sue256 19:50 25 Jun 2006

Thanks for trying.

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