vertical pink alternating lines on my monitor

  jiffy123 04:37 22 Dec 2009

i have 3 rows or vertical pink alternating line on my monitor. i read some discussions and they said it might be the monitor, so i bought a new monitor and there still there. so then they said it might be the graphics card. i updated all the drivers, and there still there. is my graphics card junk? i have the NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE. what can i do?

  Forum Editor 06:53 22 Dec 2009

with the graphics card - you've updated the drivers, so it's a hardware problem.

The first thing to check is that the graphics card is seated properly in its slot, and that it's cooled properly. If you're up to opening your computer's case, take hold of the card and gently push it down into its slot whilst rocking it very slightly.

Check that the lead to your monitor is correctly and tightly connected at both ends. Run your computer with the case off, and check that the card's cooling fan is running.

If all those checks come up OK then I'm afraid it's looking as if the card itself is faulty.

  BT 07:37 22 Dec 2009

I had a similar problem a while ago. It turned out that the fan had actually fallen off its spindle on the graphics card, causing overheating.

  jiffy123 03:52 23 Dec 2009

Aright. i took it out and blew it off and everything looks okay. i made sure i put it back in properly and there still the lines in my screen so i guess im gonna have to get a new graphics card? and reccomendations?

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