Vertical lines across digital fotos

  Halmer 13:02 29 Oct 2008

My mums' cheapo Concorde digi camera is showing lines across the fotos as though the picture has been taken through venetian blinds.

I formatted the SD card and took a foto last night to test it and it was fine. I rang her to tell her so and she was dead pleased.

Took a second foto this morning and the lines are back.

Any ideas please?

  Technotiger 13:11 29 Oct 2008

Possibly a corrupted card, or faulty camera. Have you got another card to try it with, to see if it gives the same results?

  Halmer 13:19 29 Oct 2008

Yes the card that I have in there now is a different one.

When I first took a foto that had lines across too.

I formatted it and it worked OK for one foto last night but the lines are back again this am.

Camera's probably gone but I just wondered if there was a setting or something that I could tinker with.

  Technotiger 13:24 29 Oct 2008

If, as you say it is a cheapo camera, I doubt very much whether there would be any settings you could alter.

  oseven 13:41 29 Oct 2008

Open the blinds for all photos.

  Halmer 15:06 29 Oct 2008


  anchor 10:01 30 Oct 2008

I agree, its almost certainly had it!.

With Xmas coming up you might like to consider a new one as a gift for her. See the recommendations on this thread:

click here

  keef66 16:36 30 Oct 2008

sounds like it's the ccd itself that's gone titsup.

  shellship 17:23 30 Oct 2008

Because I objected to the reflection in sunlight from the LCD viewfinder in previous compacts I have opted for one with an optical viewfinder as well. Only Sony and Canon make these. I got a Canon Ixus 960 which is fantastic and, hopefully, will last me out.

  Halmer 17:27 30 Oct 2008

I'll have a look at those later tonight.

Is titsup a thing that only happens to cameras keef66?

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