Vertical bars on screen

  pienter 20:57 21 May 2007

When I booted up today, after going through several chequerboard screens the monitor produced a desktop which was perfect except for four equally spaced vertical bars each consisting of about 15 lines. These are rock steady for most of the time but occasionally flicker before settling down again. A trial with a second monitor produced the same effect indicating that the problem is not monitor related. Repeated bootups show the same effect although the bars sometimes differ in colour. Reloading the drivers for the ATI 9800 All in Wonder display adapter has not helped.Scans using various programmes do not indicate any malware. Before going to the expense of replacing the graphics card, I should like to know if there is any other possible explanation, especially as the screen appears to be perfect except for the bars.

  bravo charlie 10:54 27 Dec 2007

I have just experienced an identical problem to the above on my 4 year old Dell desktop. It occurred out of the blue when booting up 2 days ago, having been trouble free until now. have tried all the checks I can think of (which is not many).
Interestingly, I have a 128mb ATI Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card which I think is the same as the one in the above post.
Can anyone help with this?
I would also be interested to know if Ken(above) found a solution. Was the graphics card at fault?

  rdave13 20:15 27 Dec 2007

Had same problem a few years ago. Display getting worse each time so I uninstalled the drivers and was just about able to see to shut down. New card corrected the matter. This time ,however, not so lucky. Nvidia card,just under two years old, display started deteriorating with rectangular, dotted lines on screen and 'blotches' of colour. Had time to uninstall latest drivers, reboot and install original from disc. Ran for about a minute then display distortion and black screen. Had to shutdown by holding power button in for a few seconds. New card corrected the fault. Luckily Windows not corrupted.

  steve0 21:56 27 Dec 2007

A few years ago I had a Gainward nvidia card that developed a checkerboard effect on the display. It turned out that this was a well known problem with the card due to faulty capacitors. I returned the card to Gainward who replaced it free of charge - even though the card was over three years old and well out of warranty. I did a search on Google at the tome on checkerboard effect and found out the details.

  rdave13 22:04 27 Dec 2007

Had also colour blotching effect and total failure. Never thought of contacting the makers but to be perfectly honest, was a good excuse to upgrade the card. :)

  pienter 22:51 27 Dec 2007

Somewhere along the line I was told that I couldn't use Ken as ID as someone else had already registered it, presumably me, however I am now known as 'pienter'. With regard to bravo charlie's question, shortly after I started the thread the screen failed completely and my local computer shop diagnosed a failed video card which they replaced. After some months without problems my 5 year old monitor then failed. Was there any connection? I don't think so but...........

  rdave13 22:56 27 Dec 2007

None whatsoever pienter. Just circuitry old age. Is your PC still going and how old is it? If same age as monitor then it's doing well..:)

  pienter 23:17 27 Dec 2007

My PC, an Evesham Axis 64 3200+ is a bit younger than the deceased monitor, nominally dating from Feb. 2004 and is working beautifully, says he touching a large piece of wood. However practically every component except the video board had been replaced within the three year warranty period so its true d.o.b. is a bit problematic.

  bravo charlie 13:05 28 Dec 2007

Thanks to everyone for the prompt replies.

I guess from what you have all said I will need a new graphics card! maybe after 4 years this is to be expected.
As this is new ground for me, can anyone tell me if installing this is an easy DIY job.

Also what card should I install as I think the one I have is now discontinued. I use my PC extensively for photography and need the best type for providing high quality image resolution on the display.

Thanks again for your help

  rdave13 13:59 28 Dec 2007

If it's an AGP card then; click here

Some here; click here

  bravo charlie 14:47 28 Dec 2007

Thanks rdave13 - thats really helpful - it is an AGP card so it should be no problem

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