Verifying DMI Pool Data Problem

  Newuser1542 11:08 23 Sep 2006

Running Windows XP SP2
Previous hard disk problems corrupting Windows
Succesfully installed Seagate Ultraata/100 200Gb hard disk as Master. No problems for a month. Now can't get beyond this. Gives advice to restart computer with Control Alt delete. Stuck in the circle. Is this hardware problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:12 23 Sep 2006
  Newuser1542 11:29 23 Sep 2006

Fruit Bat/\0
I am using the prevoius hard disk at the moment. I expect it will corrupt at some point.

It is my new hard disk that worked for a month that has the fault and I want to get working

so my problem is not resolved

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:31 23 Sep 2006

1. Corrupt boot files on the seagate drive.
with seagate drive as master boot from from CD to recovery consul and at the propmt type fix mbr

2. Settings for hard disk drive are not correct in BIOS.
The computer freezing at "verifying dmi pool data..". may be caused when the hard disk drive settings within CMOS are not set properly. Enter CMOS and verify that the hard disk drive settings are set properly and/or that it is set to Auto Detect.

3. Bad Hard disk drive.
before replacing drive, recommend you attempt to fdisk, delete the partition, re-create the partition and reinstall your computer operating system using the XP CD.

  Newuser1542 16:50 24 Sep 2006

With much trepidation. I put my Windows recovery disc in. Changed the bios to boot from the CDROM. Checked autodetect at same time. Attempted to boot from the CDROM. It started whirring at the right time as if starting setup. The went completely black and the disk stopped. No joy second time round.

Then downloaded file from windows website XPSP2 set up disk. Transferred to 6 floppies and the attempted to boot from these. Got to windows recovery console and ran fixmbr. Lots of warnings to think about. Eventually ran. I was told I was successful

Rebooted with my problem hard disk. No joy. As a slave all my data is their. Started to save some.

Should I go back to Seagate. Still under garuntee. Or any other suggestions? Thanks for the suggestion so far Fruitbat

  grajackgor 18:57 26 Sep 2006

Can anyone give me any suggestions. The drive works as a slave but wont boot as a master. The windows recovery console was quite fightening. Lots of warnings about not using if not experienced. I have changed mu username to grajackgor

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