A verification query Win 7

  bumpkin 13:04 19 Feb 2015

My Win 7 PC has 3 bootable drives, 120GB SSD and two 320GB HDD's. I use the SSD as the primary boot device, one of the HDD's as a back-up and the other one for programs that I only use occasionally and other stuff that takes a lot of room. Windows has now asked for verification which I have done OK but it only seems to apply to the SSD, if I boot from one of the others they show as not verified. Is there any easy way to sort this.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:30 19 Feb 2015

Why have you got a separate install of windows on each drive?

I can understand a clone or an image stored on a drive not connected to the machine. ready for a breakdown.

Each version of windows needs activating

If I were you, while windows is working, back up the activation now before its fails again.

click here

  bumpkin 19:10 19 Feb 2015

Thanks Fruit Bat, I have used your link to do a back_up.

I will try to explain a bit more clearly. I installed Win 7 onto the SSD drive initially, it did not ask me to verify so I thought it was not required. I then cloned it to the other 2 disks. It can now boot from any of them. As I say one is just a clone of the SSD so that is just a matter of recloning it now that the SSD is verified. The other one I have programs and other data on, if I just clone to that I will lose it. I clearly should have validated before cloning in hindsight. I also made an external clone to a removable drive which presumably will not be validated either. I can sort this out OK but time consuming and I was hoping to fing an easier way.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:28 19 Feb 2015

just try restoring the activation data to the other drives.

  bumpkin 22:37 19 Feb 2015

just try restoring the activation data to the other drives.

Can I do this from the C drive or do I need to put the program on the other drives.

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