'Veiwing screen' seems to be getting smaller

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 01:16 28 Sep 2006

Something is happening to my Lappy...:(

My original problem was this.... click here

(My laptop screen had shrunk by about 3", I was advised to change settings in desktop which I did and this seemed to cure it.....(I assumed the baby sitter had messed about and changed the settings, however the screen again went small this morning and it seemed a little smaller. Anyhow tonight it has done it again, and I am certain that it is even smaller!!!! upto 5",(maybe this is just an optical illusion but I am sure it is shrinking each time it does it, and all the while the settings keep resetting to 800 by 600 pixels ' when i need a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels.

...and of course what is the cure....:@)

Love the site, love you all.

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