Ve r r r r r y slow! What wld you do?

  AngeTheHippy 09:13 13 Oct 2007

Morning Chaps,
It's got to that stage again when everything is verrrry slow. I'm on XP SP2, 1Gb RAM,120Gb HDD - 70.2 free space 41.5 used.

Each time I run the Defrag, it always says it doesn't need defragging.

What can u suggest please? I really don't wanna do a format of HDD.

Help appreciated,


  Technotiger 09:21 13 Oct 2007

Hi, hit Ctrl/Alt/Del then click on the Processes Tab. Look to see if anything is hogging the CPU. Most items should show as 0% - 4% roughly except System Idle Process (at or near the bottom of list) which should be showing about 90% - 99%, this is normal - but any others showing that amount, like perhaps Adobe Updater would need to be stopped.

  birdface 09:24 13 Oct 2007

When you have nothing running go in to task manager.Right Click taskbar and select task manager,Under processes system idle process should be showing about 97% all the rest the remaining 3%.If anything else taking up a large portion of the CPU let us know.What Anti-Virus and Spyware programs have you got.I presume that you have tried,Run and typed in msconfig to see what programs that you have running at start up.

  birdface 09:26 13 Oct 2007

Got to be quick to beat you mate,Great Minds-------!!

  AngeTheHippy 09:31 13 Oct 2007

thanks. Just looked and the following are by far the highest figures::

Firefox: Mem useage: 77,752: VM Size: 65,972
svchost: ' ' : 28,272: ' ' 17,232
Explorer: ' ' : 28,240 ' ' 18,636.

The rest are much lower, about 1,000 - 3,000s.


  Technotiger 09:35 13 Oct 2007

Angy, you are looking at the wrong Column - look under Processes and you will see all the Percentages!

  Technotiger 09:36 13 Oct 2007

Ooops, sorry I meant to say look under the CPU heading.

  Technotiger 09:39 13 Oct 2007

G'day m8, me not always first home!

  birdface 09:41 13 Oct 2007

Ange.Not the file size.Like Technotiger says under the CPU it should probably be 0 for those or near to it.

  AngeTheHippy 09:43 13 Oct 2007

I'm in Win Task Manager, the 2nd tab 'proceses' - is this right? The one at the bottom, System Idle Process is flicking between 84-88-97-91 then back to 84 again.

The others are indeed mostly zero, apart from Firefox, flicking between 0 - 6 - 3 - 9 then back again. Task manager flickeng between 3 & 0.


  AngeTheHippy 09:45 13 Oct 2007

AVG is antivirus, also ad-aware and spybot anti spy.


Hello buteman... 8-)

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