Liza 17:06 14 Mar 2009

Excuse me is the VCR no longer usable? Liza

  Clapton is God 17:22 14 Mar 2009

Yes, if you videos to play in it

  Clapton is God 17:23 14 Mar 2009

Whoops!! Mis-read your question.

VCRs are still usable

  Liza 18:11 14 Mar 2009

Thanks for your reply Clapton is God. I have my JVC VCR connected to the Panasonic DVD Recorder and then to my Toshiba TV, both the Toshiba and the Panasonic have integral Freeview but my elderly VCR does not so I presume depends on both for picture quality; all have been working very well but the VCR not today. It is playing my vhs cassettes allright but there is no picture. I checked the scarts on the back, each have 2 scart sockets, and they are all nicely connected. I remember reading in my Toshiba manual that the VCR would suddenly stop working when Britain goes entirely digital. Has this happened? Liza

  Clapton is God 18:27 14 Mar 2009

"I remember reading in my Toshiba manual that the VCR would suddenly stop working when Britain goes entirely digital"

Not so.

The playback function of the VCR is absolutely nothing to do with the 'digital revolution'.

Ensure that when you play videos that your TV is tuned to the output signal of your VCR (probably AV1 or AV2) - but double check in the VCR's user manual.

  Stuartli 19:21 14 Mar 2009

Freeview integrated TV sets normally also have an analogue tuner and, in most cases, your VCR will automatically switch to it if a Scart lead is used to connect them.

It's quite easy to record Freeview set top box transmissions on a VCR and play them back on an analogue or integrated set; basically the set top box converts the digital signal back to analogue, which is the reason why you can view Freeview transmissions on an analogue TV. (You may have to use a different channel to normal, such as L1 or L2, on the VCR).

  Stuartli 19:23 14 Mar 2009

The TV aerial input would have to go through a Freeview STB first, then the VCR and finally the TV.

  Liza 11:57 15 Mar 2009

Hello Stuartli

My tv remote has a button which when pressed shows on screen the av's (av1 av1rgb, av2 av2rgb and av3 av3rgb also DV1[used normally for tv programs]). The vcr used to be shown on screen as av2 before but this does not seem to be the case now. I have not removed the scarts or co-axial connectors. (Initially I think I connected all 3 units as dvd coaxial out to tv in and DVD coaxial in to vcr coaxial out and DVD scart1 to tv scart av1. VCR coaxial in to aerial, vcr scart1 to dvd scart2 and vcr scart2 to tv scart2). Liza

  Stuartli 12:42 15 Mar 2009

Have you checked that the VCR's channel out setting (usually via a small screw at the rear of the set) has not been altered?

It generally covers from 21 to 69 with around 36 usually being the desired channel.

Have the VCR on Play with a tape in, your TV tuned to analogue and turn the screw to see if the picture appears.

  eedcam 13:56 15 Mar 2009

Unless you are connected vcr to tv by the RF lead the channel settings are of no consequence

  Liza 18:16 16 Mar 2009

Thanks one and all. I disconnected all three products: TV, DVD Recoder and VCR. Reconnected but still no joy. So I switched the scart plugs on the back of VCR AV2 IN and AV1 IN/OUT and I got my screen back. I cannot understand why this has happened. I have had the TV for 2 years, the DVD Recorder for 4 or 5 years and the VCR I think for about 8/10 years. No doubt I had to do reconnections when the TV came but never made any changes since then. Liza

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