VCD problems

  tazzo85 21:44 16 Jul 2004

I just downloaded a rather large VCD and it was in two parts and when i extracted them they were a .cue and .bin file which i burned onto a CD and they work great. My problem is though, i want to try and join both parts together so i dont have to swap discs. Anyone with any idea on how to do this? But before you tell me that, would it actually be possible to put the joined VCD onto a DVD and still watch it on a DVD player(because when joined together it will be too big to fit on a CD) i hope this makes sense!! Many thanks to ANYone wh ocan help me as im stuck! hehe

  NawTBoi 23:28 16 Jul 2004


  grabster 00:11 17 Jul 2004

Vcdgear will do what you want click here
use extract mpeg /dont span and voila...a new bin/cue, burn to dvd and bobs your aunties husband... theres plenty of ways to do this but this is handy enough for me.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:12 17 Jul 2004

Because of disk limitations, a VCD movie is split onto two disks.You could copy these files onto a dvd and then you would have it all on one disk. But to join them together would mean converting them to another format and joining them before converting to DVD but even if you can get software to do this, would it be cost effective for one movie?...TT

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