VCD Files Too Big

  domtheboy 17:53 19 Jan 2003
  domtheboy 17:53 19 Jan 2003

Hi to all of you

I was recommended a program to use called "Eazy VCD" to help me rip DVD's.

I've used the program successfully but the file I have created is MPEG and too large to fit on one CD.

Is there any other tool I could use to squash it/divide it so it would either all fit on one disc or fit on two separate ones ?

Cheers dudes.

  Gran_T_Boy 18:18 19 Jan 2003

i would giv u more info but am just goin out, but have a look here, click here
This has loadz of articles on basically everything to do with ripping your dvd's, vcd's!

sorry couldnt help more!


  siouxah1 20:21 19 Jan 2003


There are progs available to split the large files into CD size portions.

Do a Google search for 'file splitter'. Sorry I am on the wrong machine to give you a link.

Regards Brian

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