VB6 - creating files

  philip-202608 15:12 19 Dec 2005


creating a VB6 project that will take input from the user from two text boxes, then save this input to a batch file and then run the batch file in the background (vbhide)

Private Sub sendbtn_Click()
Dim task As Integer
Write #1, lbl_netsend.Caption & " " & IP_text.Text & " " & msg_text.Text
Close #1
task = Shell("spam.bat", vbHide)
End Sub
Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim filename As String
filename = App.Path & "\spam.bat"
Open filename For Output As #1
End Sub

thats the code so far

lbl_netsend is just a invisible label saying net send
IP_text is where you add the IP/Computer name or a * to send to a the current workgroup
msg_text is where you add the message

Output intended:

spam.bat with

Net send IP_text Msg_text on the first line


first line has speech marks surrounding the text which stops the batch file working properly...


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