VAT Increase

  Terry Brown 15:10 10 Jan 2011

Can anyone explain why, when VAT went down by 2.5% very few prices seemed changed, but now it has gone up by 2.5%, we see big price increases.


  Ashrich 15:19 10 Jan 2011

Down was not compulsory , up is , and it's a good way of hiding price increases .


  jamesd1981 15:41 10 Jan 2011

typical rip off double standards britain, the government and large companies know britain is full of brainless self obsessed people that plant themselves infront of the idiot box everynight to watch stupid reality/talent shows, they know they`re` so wrapped up in their own wee lives they are too stupid and lazy to do anything about been ripped off. other countries like france and usa must laugh at the british door mats.

  Terry Brown 13:50 11 Jan 2011


I feel sorry for you, you must have a very low opinion of yourself. Why don't you do us all a favour and emigrate.

This was a sensible comment that does not need (or deserve) your rantings

  GaT7 14:20 11 Jan 2011

TB, I would suggest requesting the FE (via the 'Contact Forum Editor' link above) to move this to the Consumerwatch forum, where it really belongs.

This may also get him to read your query, & I'm sure he'll know a thing or two about it. G

  PSF 14:23 11 Jan 2011

If you look at the 'bigger picture' VAT goes on every part of a products stage of production and so the goods get more expensive. So as the small increase at each stage is added the product price becomes invreases... It cost more to buy goods, and as fuel has also gone up it costs more to deliver the goods so you put the price up and so on....

So the small rise just snowballs.

  jamesd1981 17:13 11 Jan 2011

my apologies terry, if you feel ive been negative on your thread, but that is the attitude im talking about you speak whats only fact and truth, and your accused of being on a rant, no wonder people are afraid to speak up.

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