Various CD Recordings

  Johny C 11:10 09 Jul 2004

Hi Guys

Right what i am trying to do is copy my origonal CD Disc to my hard drive then burn a compalation album of various groups. certain tracks form many CD's.

Everytime i try to copy my CD across to my hard drive, it shows the folder beintransfered to my drive but when i try to play it using winamp well it just wont play.

Am i missing something here or what.

Cheers Gang..............John

  TomJerry 11:19 09 Jul 2004

Firstly: Any form of copy from one media (CD) to another media (hard driver) is illegal for any copyrighted CD.

Techanically this is how you do it assume you are copying CD producd by yourself and you have copyright. You need to rip music from CD, here is a free program CDex for it click here.

  Cook2 13:57 09 Jul 2004

This is the easiest way to do your compilations. I did mine for use in my cars CD player.

Open Nero (or the prog. you use.

Select New Audio CD.

Insert the first CD and Open in the right window. Drag and drop the songs required to the left pane.

Remove CD and insert 2nd CD, again drag and drop.

Continue with any other CD's.

Select Burn and you'll be asked to insert the CD's in one at a time.

  Johny C 17:32 09 Jul 2004

TomJerry - I will try this program thanks for the link

Cook2 thanks i will try to do it this way as well.

Many thanks John

  Johny C 18:25 09 Jul 2004

Hi Guys,

well i took TomJerry's advice about downloading cdex, well i have done this and its worked but the only thing that didnt copy across was the file names, any idea how i can preserve these track listings

Cheers guys


  paddyjack 18:42 09 Jul 2004

you need to activate the remote cddb with your email address. Click on remote cddb first with the cd in the drive of course, it will search the database and give you your list of titles, then you rip it. Of course winamp will rip it for you as well.

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