Variations between broadband speed test sites

  superhoops 20:54 17 Jan 2009

Hi all

I regularly use two different speed test sites. These are click here and
click here

Every time I get approx 6 mb difference in the results (doing the tests one after the other). The zdnet test always says 3mb or so whist the other always says around 9 to 9.5 mb. How can their be consistently such variations?

  woodchip 21:10 17 Jan 2009

Just to give a illustration, Would you get a Letter faster from London or America. Its the same with speed tests they come down different roads and different places. may be going through a few crowded rooms on the way

  rdave13 21:53 17 Jan 2009

Try Thinkbroadband speed tester; click here . Try it without ticking Port 80 and try again with ticking the Port. You should have different speeds readout.

  DieSse 22:16 17 Jan 2009

I tried the same two. The znet test gave low and widely varying results each time. The test gave consistent results around what it should be. tests from a local server, thus should give you the closest to you theoretical speed.

As woodchip says - speed tests only give you a result on that particular test from that particular server at that particular time. All it proves is that some routes and some servers will be different to others.

  DieSse 22:21 17 Jan 2009

The thinkbroadband test gave me lower (but not too much lower) than my normal tests from a local server in Spain. Just what I would expect really.

  rdave13 22:28 17 Jan 2009

As above. Try downloading from GamersHell a good safe resource that will give you a choice of 'real world servers' to download from. Pick a big download then pick the server you wish to download from. You can stop at any time and that will delete the download. It will certainly give you the real download speed of your ISP.
As a by the by, have a look at this download manager that's quite good; click here
Only use the free version, ie., when installing untick the software that costs.

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