Variation in free physical RAM - what is normal?

  cyberphobic 19:08 19 Feb 2003

Following a recommendation from a friend I purchased a programme called Mem Turbo which monitors and manages "free" memory.By recovering and "scrubbing" memory it sems to be possible to dramatically increase the amount of RAM available. The results are a dramatic improvement in performance with snappy response on opening Outlook Express and website links. I have 512 SDRAM (2X256MB) and I am able to have as much as 350MB free after "scrubbing" but within a few hours it reduces down to about 190MB. Is it normal for this memory to be reused by memory hungry programmes or is it "leaking"? If I replaced a 256MB with a 512MB would I increase the amount of available memory by 256MB? (System Info Win 98, PC Chips M810 M/B (yes I know!) Athlon 1400, Pipex broadband) Any wisdom on this would be appreciated.

  cyberphobic 20:29 19 Feb 2003


  Patr100 21:32 19 Feb 2003

At 512MB you are at the maximum recommended for Win 98 - by Microsoft themsleves - In fact even less may be more efficient. Mem Turbo may well be helping to manage your memory but I'm not familiar with the program. As long as you are not getting any low resources warnings I wouldn't worry about it. Win 98 is not particularly efficient at managing Ram but other programs also may not "giveback" memory even after being closed down.It;s when your physical ram is totally depleted and your system starts to dip into "virtual ram" that you can get problems.

I doubt replacing the Ram with one big stick will improve it but perhaps others have evidence that it make a difference.

  cyberphobic 22:42 19 Feb 2003

I am getting "insufficient memory to" warnings when I try to open OE or Word so something is definitely amiss.

  cyberphobic 06:34 20 Feb 2003


  cream. 06:51 20 Feb 2003


As Patr100 says you are at your limit for conventional memory in 98, unless you want to tweak the system to get up to 768mb.max. Usually installing over 512mb,in 98, has a downgrade ability and can actually slow your system down.

It does not matter how much conventional ram you have installed you will always get the same sort of percentages that you have above. If you had 128mb installed you would probably find that only 50-60mb were available, on idle. With 256mb you would have about 90-110mb available and so it goes on.

Mem turbo is a good programme for scrubbing and retrieving physical ram and if you set it up properly it will kick in before you get to low on physical memory.

What may be your best bet would be to adjust your virtual memory. With a system like yours I would suggest you set it up for 1gig min and 1gig max, if you have the hard disk space available. This in conjunction with mem turbo should improve things.

  cream. 07:07 20 Feb 2003


Here is a way of increasing your physical memory to 768mb and not have a degradable effect. It is for 95-98 and m.e.

click here

It also deals with "out of memory" or "insufficient memory" messages. Although it is more complex than the easier work around, above. It may give you a bit more insight to memory management.

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