Variable Internet Access

  shellship 18:21 01 Jun 2007

I have Tiscali as my ISP with Entanet as my BB provider. When trying to access several sites I get the following message:

Close Window

You have been connected to this page due to one of the following reasons. You must now shut down your browser and Internet applications before attempting to reconnect.

1. The BTWholesale access circuit to your Service Provider is currently down.
Your service should be resumed soon.
2. You are testing your local connection to BT using
[email protected]_domain’
3. You are testing your connection to your Service Provider using [email protected] where domain is your Service Provider domain name.
4. Your Service Provider is currently unable to accept your connection request please wait until service is restored or contact your Service Provider for further information.
5. You have attempted to access an invalid Service Provider domain."

Anyone out there have any idea what this is about, please.

  p;3 18:28 01 Jun 2007

when you come across any can you put a link in here so others can see if they CAN access them and it is a general thing and not just you?

  Jackcoms 18:29 01 Jun 2007

"I have Tiscali as my ISP with Entanet as my BB provider"

Slight;y confused here.

Why are you, apparently, using the services of two different companies?

Or have I missed the point?

  shellship 18:36 01 Jun 2007

Try Volvo cars UK site.

When I went to BB (and networked at home)my local guru recommended Entanet as the BB provider but as both my wife and I wanted to keep our original email addresses this is what happens.

  p;3 18:40 01 Jun 2007

I can get click here


click here

but not much on it::))

??any help?

  shellship 18:40 01 Jun 2007


Just tried Petitions site mentioned by Bingalau in Speaker's Corner and got same result.

  p;3 18:43 01 Jun 2007

I am on BT BB and can so far open all links::))

  p;3 18:45 01 Jun 2007

is not your problem really difficulty in opening some web sites? and NOT the difficulty getting on line?

  shellship 18:46 01 Jun 2007


You got Volvo cars OK so it must be something this end, one way or the other. Thanks. Will post as resolved, even though it ain't!

  shellship 18:47 01 Jun 2007


Yes. Can get online OK (thank goodness for this forum!) but do indeed have difficulty opening some web sites.

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