Vanished email

  Stroller 12:14 31 Aug 2006

Yesterday afternoon I received an email from a company that I have dealings with, and within minutes I received a phone call asking me to ignore the mail and delete it as the contents were not intended for me,(when I read the mail they did concern me and my family).
I printed a copy.

I immediately started to reply to this mail, and having not completed my reply, I saved this in the drafts folder.

This morning the original email is not in my 'in box' nor is it in my deleted items folder.(not that I have deleted any mails recently, or emptied my 'deleted items' folder).

Can the company who sent the email clear it from my PC without my being aware?

Could they have used some program to delete it or after a while to 'self destruct'?

The draft reply is still in the drafts folder, and I have the printed version, but where could the original have gone?

a very curious

  rawprawn 14:03 31 Aug 2006

First of all which email client are you using Outlook, Outlook Express or some other. Usually when things disappear like that I find they have been moved to the "Junk Mail" folder. Failing that have you tried the search facility, there must be one no matter which client you are using

  Stroller 15:32 31 Aug 2006

I use Outlook Express(6) with IE, XP pro, SP 2.

  Shortstop 15:50 31 Aug 2006


There is an option ['Recall this message'] available to the sender via the sent email screen on OE6, but usually in the circumstances you describe this would either produce a pop-up to you - along the lines 'XXX wishes to recall this message' click yes or no - or would advise the sender that you had already read the email.

If I remember correctly, the recall screen includes the option to delete the email - maybe this was ticked and as the email was still in the inbox it was removed?



  Shortstop 15:51 31 Aug 2006

Sorry Stroller, this was obviously addressed to you & not rawprawn :o)

  rawprawn 16:07 31 Aug 2006

Did you try "Find" in OE?

  Stroller 09:13 01 Sep 2006

I have looked through every folder in OE,
I have used Windows Search, as the email did contain an unusual phrase.
I have since spoken to the company, sent my reply, they " have no knowledge" of the email being sent,

but as I had started a reply and saved it in drafts, all of the source info is there, and this has been sent to various people in the company, they are now being very nice!

So I think a bit of arm twisting on my part may result in the Stroller Family getting a better deal!

Thanks for your help,


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