Validating Windows Media Center Edition

  Mister M 22:30 22 Nov 2007

I have an Acer laptop which I bought new in January. It came with Windows Media Center Edition preloaded on it and I have a genuine Product Key on the base of the machine. The DVD Writer has never worked properly (which incidentally I have only recently found out and is the root cause of my problems). When I originally set up XP MCE, I was prompted to make a Recovery Disc. This I did on 6 blank CD's but unfortunately when I came to use the discs recently, they were blank.

I needed to format my laptop and start from scratch so I borrowed an MCE Installation disc off a friend of mine and assumed that I could just delete the exisitng partitions and OS, recreate a C and D partition, format the machine and reinstall MCE back on to the C drive. Things went ok. Windows booted up. I put Service Pack 2 on and then tried to validate windows but it would not let me. So I phoned Microsoft Genuine Advantage who told me that even though I have a genuine Product Key and MCE installed on my laptop, they could not validate it as they need some information off the original installation disc and if I have not got the original disc then there is nothing they can do to help. They suggested that I speak to Acer, which I did. They said that they would either send me out a disc or re-image the machine but at a cost of around £50, which I am obviously not happy with having to pay. I put a fairly strong case to them as to why they should send me out a disc for free, but they just would not have it. So, I was left with a laptop which was next to useless. Several of the drivers and Utilities from Acers website would not install on it and I could not download the Security Updates from Microsoft.

I eventually installed XP Home Edition with a genuine unused Product Key which I already had. I was able to validate the installation, install SP2 and all of the required Drivers and Utilities and other than a few niggles, it is working ok.

Why should I worry about getting Windows Media Center Edition installed back on then? Well, I want to return the laptop to Acer to have the DVD Drive fixed and I think that they will be looking for any excuse to blow me out. Not having the original OS installed might just be the excuse that they need to say that I have invalidated my warranty. Also, there is a fairly lengthy thread on here concerning my loss of USB 2.0 host controllers which are now not being recognised and up to now, it seems impossible to get these to work properly.

I just want to get the laptop back to the way it was when it came out of the box but I don't think that its right that I should have to pay for this privilege.

Has anyone come up against similar problems to those that I am describing when reinstalling Windows MCE or has anyone any suggestions on how I might be able to validate Windows without the original discs which Microsoft say that they require.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Mister M

  lotvic 23:48 22 Nov 2007

Where did you buy the Acer 9301AWSMi Laptop from?
It is the shop that is responsible for putting it right.

There is some support on click here={b30ec085-b1fd-4d43-92b2-3c092f5710e2}&CatID={994684ee-11c8-417b-8eb8-ac6a26367e10} for Acer and downloads for specific models

Did you try the Alt + F10 at start up to get the options menu to restore from the hidden partition?

  lotvic 23:53 22 Nov 2007

oops try click here and choose Acer

(for info here is link click here to your other thread)

  woodchip 00:00 23 Nov 2007

Acer Rubbish I call it. I got a HP Laptop just a few weeks back and the Laptop had been setup in a shop as a Display Laptop plus using on the odd occasion. They had made a Backup but it was to the D Partition that is no good if the Drive fails. It would only allow one setup DVD set to be created. I rang HP they sent me the OEM CD and a Drivers CD so I could reinstall if I needed. no questions asked other that what model Laptop and Serial Number.

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