Is this a valid question?

  pj123 15:54 21 Jul 2005

My partner is taking driving lessons. Having logged on to click here#
to run the theory test I think one of the questions is very misleading.

You are in a line of traffic. The driver behind you is following very closely. What action should you take?

1. Ignore the following driver and continue to drive within the speed limit.

2. Slow down, gradually increasing the gap between you and the vehicle in front.

3. Signal left and wave the following drive past.

4. Move over to a position just left of the centre line of the road.

The correct is 2. but I don't see the connection between the driver in front and the driver behind.

What does the gap between you and the driver in front of you have to do with the moron who is sitting on your bumper behind you? Obviously, to pass your test you have to get this right whether you know the reason or not.

  Magik ®© 15:57 21 Jul 2005

something not right there,somewhere...

  LlansantffraidDM 16:02 21 Jul 2005

Its to do with stopping distances/observation and giving the driver enough room to stop whilst considering the idiot behind doesnt shunt you up the chuff!

  Ancient Learner 16:09 21 Jul 2005

That is the advise of the advanced school of motoring I believe. In fact, that is exactly what I do anyway, It relieves some of the pressure that the idiot behind is trying to exert on me, and increases my margin of safety in case the said idiot does something even more stupid and selfish and aggressive. I can't arrest the idiot, nor am I allowed to drop 'stingers' in his/her path much as I would like to do, so what other way do I have to protect myself?

  pj123 16:11 21 Jul 2005

Sorry, but I still don't see how increasing the gap between me and the driver in front stops the idiot behind me from sitting on my bumper.

  Happy Soul 16:20 21 Jul 2005

pj123, you will have more distance to stop and thereby brake gently, giving the person being more chance of stopping before re-arranging you boot.

Also, in my opinion, if you are doing 40mph and 'brain dead' behind is say 5 yards off your bumper, by slowing down to 30 he needs less braking distance.

A question I would like to ask is, and I've asked many people who have given the wrong answer, if you are travelling at 70mph on the motorway, overtaking a line of lorries all doing 60mph, what's the safest distance between any two required for you to safely pull in. (As in to get out of the way of the moron tailgating you?).

  jimv7 16:21 21 Jul 2005

Because if the driver in front of you stops suddenly and you have to brake, he does'nt shunt you into the car in front, which would be your fault and 1 of the claims would be against you.

The driver behind would not be responsible for you hitting the driver in front. So give the driver in front lots of room.

The idiot behind would then deserve all he got.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:27 21 Jul 2005

Fit a towbar

anybody who hits you from the rear will then have alot more damage to thier vehicle and alot less to


  plsndrs3 16:51 21 Jul 2005

I thought that, by slowing down, you increase the gap in front; as you are slowing down, the idiot behind is also forced to slow down. As the gap in front gets bigger the guy behind gets more and more frustrated increasing the likelyhood that he overtakes. Tha way, you continue your journey in peace [for a while].

I guess the bonus question might be "Do you return the compliment as they are now in front of you?" :o)


  pj123 17:18 21 Jul 2005

Sorry Guys, but I still don't see how increasing the gap between me and the driver in front (say from 1 yard to 1 mile) is going to make any difference to the idiot behind me who is still sitting on my tail.

  pj123 17:20 21 Jul 2005

Maybe we have a driving instructor or examiner on the Forum who can enlighten us?

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