vacuum cleaning a computer!

  Revi 14:36 01 Jan 2003
  Revi 14:36 01 Jan 2003

As over time lots of dust bunnies accumulate inside my computer, I sometimes get desperate, disconnect my comp, open the case and use my regular household vacuum cleaner to suck them up. I have done this quite a few times without any mishap so far. Are there any dangers in doing this of which I am not aware of ?

  matt5705 14:39 01 Jan 2003

well there is no problem doing this but i recomend a special computer vacum. Also the computer should not be gavering dust in side it. my computer has a system that came with it some the dust gets pushed out by the fans

  Djohn 14:39 01 Jan 2003

Keep it on low power, so you don't suck up all your files! :o)

  recap 14:41 01 Jan 2003

Yes Revi, you have to think of the delicate parts that are inside your little grey box. It would be better if you purchased a can of compressed air to clear the dust away. You should be able to buy a can for around £8 or £9.

  crx16 14:44 01 Jan 2003

apparently,a vacuum cleaner causes static,which can be harmful.

click here

  slimbo51 14:46 01 Jan 2003

Got to watch out u dont such up any jumpers off the board as well.

  Andÿ 14:51 01 Jan 2003
  Revi 14:52 01 Jan 2003


What is the little grey box you are referring to?


Thanks a lot, I really never thought about the jumpers at all!

  graham 15:18 01 Jan 2003

Once, when changing one of those carbon granule printer cartridges, I vaccuumed inside the printer. My hair stood on end and my computer was completely wrecked. So be careful!

  recap 15:27 01 Jan 2003

the little grey box = tower.

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