V92 and V90 modems

  Mike D 11:22 13 May 2003

Hi guys, I hope someone knows the answer to this. Sooy if this goes on a bit, question at the ensd. I am one of that (seemingly) rare breed who uses dial up internet access. until a couple of weeks ago I used a V90 Hayes modem and got speeds of 45333bps. Then I changed my PC and included was a V92 Intel HAM modem. I know some will say this is not the best modem, but I have read of people getting 45333+ out of them. My speed dropped to 31.2 or 28.8. I am not getting a lot of help from BT (telephones) who state that their obligation is only to provide 28.8KBps (yes, the gain is turnewd right up). I have just, in desparation spoken to my IPS, BTOpenworld, who tell me that they only offer limited support for V92 and that V90 is a fully supported and more compatible option.

1 WOuld this lack of support account for a speed loss?
2 Which pay as you go IPS do support V92?

Mike D

  Mango Grummit 13:23 13 May 2003

There are only three (I think)small ISPs that support V92 although they are supposed to be auto backwards compatible some seem not to be. I had just the same problem as you. The one I had was also Intel and as they do not provide technical support for their modems I could not find out how to change the settings manually, although I believe it can be done. I went out and found a V90 to replace the V92 and I'm connecting again now at a minimum of 46666. V90s are getting hard to find now though, which is strange since they are not supported by the majority of ISPs.

  Hotfingers 16:00 13 May 2003

If you have a look in the manual for your modem it might
tell you the initialization string needed to
force modem to use V90 standard.
Failing that phone up either the PC
or modem manufacturer who should be able to tell
you it.
Hope this helps

  woodchip 16:04 13 May 2003

As to the last page of your Question Yes it would. There is more V90 support
It's probably dropped back to 56k or less

  Mango Grummit 18:46 13 May 2003

As I said above Intel do not provide Tech Support for their modems, either online or on the phone. I suppose it is due to the low price, ie. no margin built in for support! Also I have never received a manual with any I've bought but then I've never paid more than £14 for a modem so can't expect too much I suppose.

Finding a V90 is very difficult now. My local shop does not stock them, nor does PC World. I must admit it is beyond my understanding when V92s are not supported by the ISPs. Strange!

  graham√ 20:37 13 May 2003

It is only the'internet on hold' facility that ISPs don't support. 1stNet is the only ISP that does support it. click here

  Mike D 07:55 14 May 2003

I knew that you wouldn't let me down. I think Mango has the right idea. I managed to resurrect my old pc and get it working, and hey presto! 44000 without any effort.

It's off to the shops to see if there are any V90s around.

Mike D

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