V.92 Modem Initialization Commands

  DJ-Garry 06:35 06 Feb 2004

I have an internal PCI hardware modem with an Intel chipset. Deice Manager reports it as: Intel(R) 536EP V.92 Modem. I used the included CD to install the drivers into my machine running XP Pro. I have great dropout problems with my ISP (Freeserve Anytime). I rang Freeserve and they informed me that they do not support V.92 and I must downgrade my modem to V.90. Does anyone know how I can do this myself?
I found my modem entry in device manager and disabled it, then went to add modem in control panel, choose pick from list and installed it as standard 56,000 bps modem.
The only trouble with this is that with the new standard 56,000 bps modem installation, you only get th choice to put it on COM port 1 or 2. The Intel(R) 536EP V.92 Modem is using COM port 3, (PCI Slot 5 (PCI bus 1, device 4, function 0). I've tried a few things ie. uninstalling the Intel modem before AND after adding the standard modem to try to install a new standard modem on COM3 but each time XP takes over and auto installs the Intel again. I've also tried installing a standard modem on COM2, then changing the COM port properties in Device Manager to make it COM3, but When trying to connect it windows cannot find the modem.
Freeserve gave me the impression I could change the way MY modem connects. They said I have to change the AT set initialization command I think. If I go to Device Manager, modem properties and Advanced tab, I have under Extra Settings, a space to enter 'Extra Initialization Commands'. Is there something I could enter here to do the job. On the driver CD for the modem I have various AT Command.pdf files for the various modems the CD supports. Would the info I need to put there be in one of those files maybe?
How can I change which COM port a modem uses AFTER instalation. ie change Intel to COM2 and standard to COM3.
OR,,,,, does anyone else know how to degrade my Intel to V.90 or have any other good ideas?

  Tog 07:03 06 Feb 2004

If your modem is truly hardware then the V92 function is controlled by the firmware on the modem itself. Most modems will switch between V90/92 automatically as required. Have a peek at the manufacturer's website.

  Tog 07:11 06 Feb 2004


  Tog 07:11 06 Feb 2004



  Tog 07:15 06 Feb 2004

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