V.92 and Modem On Hold

  melvyn 08:43 27 Nov 2003

I have a Creative Blaster Modem V.92 and use Blueyonder who confirm that they support V.92 and MOH.

The software which came with my modem for MOH is called netwaiting, and I am unable to get it to work unless I load it after each internet connection is made.

Has anyone any experience with MOH not working, or can anyone suggest a better piece of software, since I don't really want to get a second phone line.

Thanks, Mel

  [email protected]@m 09:44 27 Nov 2003

What happens when you get a 'call waiting' signal?

  melvyn 12:47 27 Nov 2003

I'm not sure that anything happens.

I used to run this under Win98 and it worked then, or at least it always advised me when a call came in. On reflection I'm not sure that it actually "held" the modem, since I always had to re-connect when I'd finished the phone call, but it did at least warn me that I had an incoming call. I upgraded a few months ago to XP (Home edition, and its from this time that I've not ever noticed any incoming calls whilst I'm on the internet.

I should be able to dial out whilst connected. This is done by maximising the netwaiting programme and highlighting a "yellowed" icon. Unless I load the netwaiting programme after I have connected to the internet this icon stays grey and I am unable to use it.

Not sure if this helps in your diagnosis?

  [email protected]@m 14:39 27 Nov 2003

Check that your call waiting service is active.

When you upgraded to XP, your internet settings may have reverted to default, and may need to be re-configured. click here

Your ISP does support MOH, whether you have to request the service I don't know, but it should work.

Afraid I'm not familiar with the netwaiting service, is this part of the modem software?

  Jester2K II 14:52 27 Nov 2003

Also check the software is XP Compatible and you don't need to upgrade it!!

  melvyn 17:08 27 Nov 2003

Call waiting service is active.
Have rechecked internet settings and all appears fine
Blueyonder supplies V.92 support without needing to request it
Netwaiting is supplied by Creative as part of the modem CD
I've upgraded Netwaiting to XP standard

Thanks for your help.

A further development - if my son phones from work (caller ID with-held), I get no message. If he phones from his mobile the thing works, and if he dials 1471 first on his mobile (caller ID with-held)nothing happens.

I think I'm suffering from a software design problem, and I'll contact Creative for them to agree with the diagnosis.

If they agree that it will not work with "caller ID with-held", does anyone know of another piece of software which will support MOH for me?

Thanks for replies so far

  [email protected]@m 17:47 27 Nov 2003

This would appear to be a Blueyonder problem, in that they are not forwarding the call waiting tone if the caller ID is withheld. You could test the theory by listening on the phone whilst waiting for pre-arranged calls. You should hear a beep if a call is waiting.

I assume your son gets the engaged tone if the number is withheld?

  melvyn 22:34 27 Nov 2003

Thanks for the guidence. My son actually gets a continuous ringing tone, not an engaged tone.

I'll contact Blueyonder ref your idea.

  melvyn 10:46 28 Nov 2003

Thanks for all the help/suggestions. I've decided to go broadband and get away from all the dial-up and modem on hold issues.

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