blackmoon 13:44 08 Jan 2003
  blackmoon 13:44 08 Jan 2003

My new modem is a V.92. What does this mean? Does every ISP support this?

  expertec 13:53 08 Jan 2003

i think v92 is a new compression standard, but i don't be sure

  jazzypop 15:48 08 Jan 2003
  Philip2 20:46 08 Jan 2003

No isp supports V92 they are a waste of time and money and in some cases slow your connection speed down or you have to ajust the modem in some cases but not all the time.

  Stokey 23:14 08 Jan 2003

BUT very few outlets stock V.90 now. PC World don't (well they have a few oem left), Staples don't and my little local shop does not have any.

Strange as only three very small ISPs support V.92.

However most (but not all) V.92 are backwards compatible.

  1st RHA 23:17 08 Jan 2003

I upgraded from V.90 and with w98 no difference but on 2000 the handshake (checking username/password) is lightning, not sure about anything else.

  DieSse 23:22 08 Jan 2003

Most of what you would want to know about V92 - note that even ISPs that support V92 may not support all features of it.

click here

  Philip2 01:19 09 Jan 2003

I would like to know which ISP'S support V92 Disesse thats a new one on me.

  Stokey 11:18 09 Jan 2003

For you sir,

the three I spoke of earlier:-

1stNet click here

Onet click here

Visper click here

  Stokey 11:24 09 Jan 2003

try again for Vispa click here

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