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  Storik 09:15 07 Feb 2005

Woodchip, I need to pick your brain regarding installing V90 modem drivers to replace the V92.

I cannot find specific V90 drivers for my particular modem, but have found some that might work. Presumably, I have to uninstall the previous setup, but how do I install the downloaded drivers? Would be most grateful for your help, please.


  JIM 09:24 07 Feb 2005

should be the followng,what's the model name of modem i may be able to help.

After downloading, run the file and click on Unzip to extract the drivers onto a blank disk.

Remove any modems listed in Control Panel/Modems. restart your PC, making sure that the modem is switched on.

For Win95/98 when prompted select 'Have Disk' and insert the disk with the .inf drivers.

For Windows NT 4.0, run Add New Hardware from the Control Panel. Select the appropriate model and follow the prompts to finish the modem installation.


  Storik 09:39 07 Feb 2005

Jim, thank for your response.

To recap: My modem, U.S. Robotics external fax V92 modem will only access the internet at a maximum of 28.8Kbps - I even got it trying a 4.8Kbps (honestly!) Woodchip suggested that because not all ISP's (mine's BT)will accept V92, that the connection would be faster with V90 drivers.

I've contacted U.S. Robotics, but so far (and it was the weekend)have had no reply - except an acknowledgement.

Will try as you suggested and let you know how I get on. Thanks again.


  JIM 09:51 07 Feb 2005

will look at my very old stock of modem drivers on disks incase you have problems.There "may" be some for the U.S. Robotics. (i did have same modem with old gateway system)See how you go.


  pj123 12:57 07 Feb 2005

There is a US Robotics External 56k V90 driver on DriverGuide click here

Click on the members login link (Item 3)

The user ID is "drivers" and the password is "all"

Use the "Simple" search and fill in the boxes.
When the search is finished, scroll down and it is the third one down. Says will work on all versions of Windows.

Any problems email me via the envelope. I have downloaded it but it is an .exe file. I will email it to you, but will have to zip it first.

  octal 13:02 07 Feb 2005

Its not "drivers" and "all" anymore, they've changed it so you've got to sign up for a free account now. But its still a very good site, and well worth the extra time to sign up.

  pj123 13:29 07 Feb 2005

octal, well that's funny because I have just logged in using drivers and all with no problem.

  JIM 13:42 07 Feb 2005

me too.(drivers/all) just to confirm.;)

  octal 15:11 07 Feb 2005

OK, my mistake, it will still happen in a few weeks though when the old sign-in is abolished.

click here

  Stuartli 15:38 07 Feb 2005

It's a similar username and password (driver2 and all2; I think all2 is correct).

Another source for drivers and anything to do with modems, plus links to manufacturers' websites is:

click here

You can find your particular modem and/or chipset first before searching for the driver.

  Storik 15:57 07 Feb 2005

am now going to do the deed. If I disappear in a puff of cyber smoke, listen for the moaning and jangling of chains! lol

You may now pin on your angel first class wings! Thanks again....... will appear again soon - er I hope!


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