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  pookie 14:40 04 Jan 2005

hi all

3Gz barton, 1Gb ddr, x800pro, asus a7n8x-x mobo and windows xp home (sp2).

I know the different arguments for and against v sync enabled/disabled, and that it stops tearing on frames rates over your monitor refresh rate but what happens if v sync is enabled on a fresh rate of 100 on games where max fps reached is approx 75fps. With v sync enabled does the 75fps get stretched out to 100 montior rate or should v sync just be disabled where max fps is less than monitor refresh rate?

many thanks


  pookie 21:49 04 Jan 2005

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  gudgulf 22:32 04 Jan 2005

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  gudgulf 22:32 04 Jan 2005

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  Dan the Confused 22:37 04 Jan 2005

I would think it meant on average 1 in every 4 screen refresh shows no updated image, so the game would run at 75% the speed of the refresh rate. I'm not a power games player so don't know if switching off vsync would make any difference to the eye, especially at such high speeds.

  ACOLYTE 23:29 04 Jan 2005

If v-sync is enabled it will attempt to give you the same fps as the monitor refresh is set to,so if you have [email protected] it will attempt to give you 85fps.If your monitor cannot support a 85Hz refresh and say only 60Hz then turning v-sync off on a game that can get 75fps may get you more fps in the game,but its not forced to,and if it does this is where you get the tearing affect from.You dont get the option to turn v-sync off for 3d games anyway only only in Open GL.Because microsoft wont issue drivers with the WHQL tag if the option to turn it off is there.

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