V. Strange HD behaviour

  Chegs ®™ 11:02 23 Nov 2005

My daughters PC is as follows...


AMD Athlon 1.3Ghz

512Mbs PC133 RAM

  ACOLYTE 11:05 23 Nov 2005

A bit more info about the HD behaviour would help lol.

  Chegs ®™ 11:23 23 Nov 2005

and Quantum Fireball 15Gb HD.(and my PC just decided to post before I'd finished)

This HD has started emitting a loud click every 10secs or so,and bootup takes an eternity finally finishing with only a few icons fully formed upon the desktop.

The HD is quite old,it was originally from my 1st PC(approx 98)but has given good service,both on my desktops and has run happily in Fraggles PC for almost 8mths.Her TV card was acting up,so I unplugged her PC in her room and brought it down here to my KVM switch where I connected it up and fired it up,only for it to produce the problem stated.

This is the third HD thats quit whilst inuse on her PC.It has killed an IBM Deskstar(40Gb)and an ancient 2Gb WD,both approx 9mths ago.

The Epox mobo was my old one passed on when I upgraded a friends system with Fraggles mobo(K7VZA)

The Quantum HD is presently setup and working fine as a slave in my system,it only misbehaves whilst in her setup.I have changed her PSU,RAM,CPU previously(also over 9mths ago when it started killing HD's)but have run out of spare HD's(hence the reason for it being slaved in my system)

Any suggestions as to...

a)why her PC has a dislike of any mfg HD?

b)What I can do infuture to get her system to stop killing HD's?

  jimv7 11:40 23 Nov 2005

A faulty psu can cause the hdd's to go down. its an experience that I share, after losing 3 hdd's some years ago, replacing the psu cured the problem.

  Chegs ®™ 11:48 23 Nov 2005

I have previously changed the PSU,as its previous PSU used to run very hot(to hot for my liking anyway)but it didn't cure its appetite for HD's,it ate a 2Gb drive within ten minutes of my rebuilding it.I have changed its PSU for the one out of my system(just now)and my system(with her HD slaved)runs as before,yet her system wont boot properly with my PSU(so I'm going offline to swap back over again)

  Chegs ®™ 12:54 23 Nov 2005

Although the drive appears to be working fine in my PC,it most certainly isn't healthy,as Chkdsk found no probs but defrag has taken nearly 2 hours to do just 21%.I will leave defrag running,see if it completes but looks like its terminal(again)

Why would a system decide to kill its HD,if its not PSU as I have changed this over for known good units prior to this HD failing?

  Skyver 13:16 23 Nov 2005

A bit late to say it, but defragging it if you suspect it's on it's way out is more likely to lose you data than help in any way. Have you got the diagnostic software from Seagate to check it over?
click here

  Chegs ®™ 13:34 23 Nov 2005

Its got nothing irreplaceable on it,Fraggle's PC has always been connected into my network so I could back up anything on her machine.

I have the diagnostic software from the major HD mfg's,as I tend to fill my unemployment by tinkering with my systems or fixing several other PC's for friends.I also have Barts PE Tools,Ultimate Boot CD and a few other diagnostics apps but thanks for the suggestion.

  Chegs ®™ 21:14 23 Nov 2005


  DieSse 22:38 23 Nov 2005

Sounds a lot like read/positioning errors - the loud click may be a recalibration seek after failing to find the correct sector on the disk. This can be because it's gone to the wrong cylinder, or misread the header.

This would also account for the very slow bootup and defrag.

If it's a slave drive, it won't be doing so much work, so problems would not be so apparent.

Have you tried new IDE cables?

Could it be getting excessively hot in the one system?

  Chegs ®™ 23:26 23 Nov 2005

I've been offline for most of the day,trying to switch an IDE installed OS image to SATA so I can give my IDE to Fraggle to keep her going until I can buy her a new HD.Took me hours just to switch the data off my SATA partition to make room for the OS image,got it done about an hour ago,loaded the image and the system hangs at XP splash screen. :-(

Yes,tried new IDE cable.Tried replacement PSU,tried different motherboard with iffy HD and managed to get 98se on it.The clicking returned with XP Home,which could be either the HD had warmed back up,or XP has so many things running in it the HD can no longer cope.

I'm finishing this post,my cup of tea,then its back to messing with various imaging apps to see if I can perhaps load the Si3112 drivers into windows before unpacking the image to HD.That should keep me busy till morning,if I fail/succeed doesn't really matter as I still wont get to bed.I've just had a dual-cored PC brought over to sort. :-(

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