V slow display of "My Computer"

  DickSlick 22:38 31 Jan 2006

Whever I click on "my computer" the PC slows rus like a slug, the old torch displays and waggles to and fro - takes 30 secs to find and display the drives etc. No other problems at all - I use zonealarm and AVG anti-virus along with Ad-aware 6 free, and am bang up to date with these and Windows security patches etc. Any ideas as to the cause/offer up a fix anyone?

I run Windows XP sp 2 Build 2600 with an AMD 1.8 Gig, 512 MB of memory and 38G of hard disk space free on an 80 Gig Hard drive which is in 2 partitions. The drives are set up to use NTFS. I have a separate cd rom and dvd rom connected. The config of the system has not changed hardly since inception though I use USB drives/card reader occasionally which have a good fast response.

  cycoze 23:28 31 Jan 2006

You could empty your Temp files and Temporary internet files if they havent been done for a while for starters,empty the recycle bin then follow up with a defrag of the drive.

  DamianScott 23:43 31 Jan 2006

Do you access the internet via a router? If so, then you won't need Zone Alarm, as you can use the firewall that's built into the router.

Also, all of Cycoze suggestions are worthwhile trying.

When you PC accesses any of your HDD's do they sound any diffent than you've been used to? A noisy drive might just need defragging (the noise is the heads skipping to & fro across the platters of the disk, picking up fragments of the files you're accessing) or could a sign of impending HDD failure. Back up any essentials to DVD, just in case!

Also, try installing and running Registry Mechanic from click here , and see if that helps. Just make sure that you set a System Restore point BEFORE you do anything.

Finally, you could always format your HDD and start again. It's painful I know, but you'll be amazed how quick everything seems once you've re-installed Windows!

Good luck, I hope you get sorted.


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  User-312386 23:49 31 Jan 2006

Sounds like system restore is taking a heft weight up

Disable system restore

  Skyver 00:15 01 Feb 2006

The free version of Registry Mechanic will only fix a tiny number of errors, use this freeware click here to clean up temporary files and scan for/fix registry errors by clicking the Issues button.

  Skyver 00:16 01 Feb 2006

Additionally, CTRL-ALT-DEL for Task Manager and see what tasks are using the highest percentage of CPU time.

  DickSlick 17:23 01 Feb 2006

Thanks for all your suggestions.

I've looked through all those to date and can say I've tried the Registry Mechanic (free) and defrag stuff and my drives are all fine.

The system Restore sounds interesting as I've never deleted any of the restore points and so now I'm off to try the stuff from Skyver.

Thanks again - I'll let you know how things go!

  DickSlick 10:55 04 Feb 2006

Just to feedback - basically the situation is unchanged and here is what I've done - NB see q's for MADBOY33. Next up another defrag after removing all the temp files etc.
1) Downloaded CClean, (freeware) worked well to cleanup stuff - found nearly 0.5 GB to delete. This speeded the 'puter up a lttle but didn't fix the prob.
2) Ctrl Alt Delete while the puter searched didn't make me any the wiser - the usual system idle and explorer shoed only.
3) I looked into diabling system restore/removing all but the last restore point but checkened out. Is there some way of backing up the restore points, or less dangerous way of
4) I disabled the FIND FAST index etc function in Control Panel - to no avail
5) All disks functioning OK. Registry Mechanic downloaded and run but on fixes 15 probs at a time - prefer Cclean.I haven't time to reformat the HDD drive and backup/reload all the software and data and patches- too drastic a solution for now. Will run a defrag tonight...
6)Cycose. I used CClean to get rid of a load of old Cookies, and some temp internet files but I had only a few of these anyway as its something I keep tidy.

Chz Guys. Will post after the defrag etc..

  DickSlick 19:49 06 Feb 2006

My mate is an IT Programme Manager with 20yrs experience, and I found out today his PC at home suffers the same problem - so he's interested in the solution too!

  stalion 19:53 06 Feb 2006

go to run and type msconfig,select startup and have a look to see what is running at boot up, or if there is anything unusual in there

  Skyver 20:01 06 Feb 2006

Does it happen when you boot the PC in Safe Mode?

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