UVS8 and Kodak Dx7630 - not great together

  AndyDy 13:15 02 Mar 2005

Both excellent products (recommended by PCAdvisor) but try and use the two together and erh!

The video files created by the Kodak camera are in Quick Time format with a MPEG4 codec. Ulead Video STudio v8 can cope with QT files (i have proved it with other QT files) but not those from the camera - argh! Why not? I have tried using all sorts of frame rates, formats, sizes, and each time the output file is a still image with no sound. UVS happily plays the camera video but will not render it to anything.

Anyone else succeeded in this and how?

(I just want to put a 1 minute bit of film with some titles and extra commentary into a web friendly format).

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