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  daeburndave 13:14 30 Dec 2006

Happy New Year to all out there hope your Christmas was as good as mine.

Anyway, I've been directed to this web site uTorrent by my son and before dipping my feet in I would like to hear from any readers of PC Advisor who have had good, bad or indifferent experiences with this site. Your views and comments would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  User-312386 13:26 30 Dec 2006

Utorrent is a mindfield. It can have freeware and also have illegal music/videos on it.

Be careful

  Kate B 13:36 30 Dec 2006

Torrents are a great way of getting big patches but the technology is often also used to obtain copyright material. Generally, though, I believe torrent files are much less likely to contain nastyware because of the way they're delivered: in fragments from any number of seeds. That means that at any one time people are uploading bits of files that they've downloaded and so the final file that ends up on your machine is made up of a patchwork of fragments from many different sources.

  daeburndave 21:15 30 Dec 2006

Thks madboy33 and Kate B for your replies: I may await other comments before or if I decide to take the plunge so to speak.

  ashdav 02:13 31 Dec 2006

The torrent filesharing system (of which uTorrent is one of many) has a useful role in that it spreads the download burden amongst many sources rather than one to one.
Whilst it is true that it may be used to download copyrighted material (your decision) it is also used to distribute (amongst other things) legitimate copies of Linux distros.
The system itself is safe and self checking in that any false files will be discarded as they will not match the checksum/hash of the original torrent.
There is much heresay/myth regarding this usually by people who have not used it and only pass on comments they have read on other posts.

  ashdav 02:23 31 Dec 2006

Point 1 If freeware is available on torrents I fail to see the problem.
Point 2 It's spelt minefield.

  User-312386 10:06 31 Dec 2006

Point 1 I realise it has freeware and did advise this. There is also the point it can have virus in the illegal software/music/videos

Point 2 I did not realise this was a spelling forum?

  daeburndave 13:35 31 Dec 2006

Thks Ashdav et al for your comments and advice:
I might just dip my toes in-- its the sherry and bubbly taking over and messing with my better judgement! But Hey its nearly 2007 so this could be my New Years resolution ' sod it ' excuse my French!!

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