Utility that records the sound from my computer?

  Bansaw 17:46 21 Jan 2011

My Windows7 computer has stereo-mix as an output (I had to enable it). I also have something like Audacity.
But somehow I cannot record the sound from my own computer. It won't register.

Is there a utility out there that will do it for me? (A bit like SoundFlower for MAC).


  jack O'lantern 17:51 21 Jan 2011

Auacity is the preferred Freeby
there are others such as
click here
or google for more
ttp://click here

  GaT7 17:56 21 Jan 2011

One of these will do the trick click here (should work with Audacity too) or click here. G

  GaT7 18:00 21 Jan 2011

You may need to set the input device in Audacity to 'Stereo Mix' as well. G

  jack O'lantern 10:37 23 Jan 2011

Fro Record Pad- which is one of the NCH A/V suite of programs

click here

  jellyhead 11:01 23 Jan 2011

Is this one any good to you click here

  Bansaw 17:41 23 Jan 2011

the Freecorder thing. It works ok and records the sound coming from your pc speakers like stereo mix.
Its free, so I am happy.

The only drawback is that if it detects silence even for two seconds or so, it will stop recording and start a new file when the sound comes back on.
So, in my case, listening to sports stream over my browser, it will cut off every now an then. I am left with multiple mp3 files.

  Bapou 18:34 23 Jan 2011

I've been using Freecorder for quite some time. With regard to your point about Freecorder stopping when detecting no sound then starting again:

Complete the recording of track, or tracks. Open Audacity and edit the total recording by separating then exporting each as Mp3.

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