Using XP upgrade disc.

  Simsy 08:07 23 Oct 2006


This isn't really a problem, as I can get round it by presenting my genuine Win98 cd, but, can anyone explain why the following mught be happening...

My dads machine has Win Me. It had a 30Gig HDD. Using Drive Image I've replaced the HDD with a brand new 80Gig HDD. It boots up fine into WindowsMe on the new drive with no problems. (The original drive is now disconnected.)

So we are in the situation that the only change from before is that the HDD is of a larger capacity. It is an Evesham machine, of 2001 vintage, win a genuine OEM windows installation. There is no hidden partition on the original HDD.

When booting from the windows XP upgrade CD it goes through it's checks and reports that a previous installation of windows can't be found, so I need to insert previous windows cd to prove eligibility. Fortunately, as I mentioned at the top, I have a Windows 98 CD I can use for this purpose...

My question is, why would the XP CD indicate no qualifying installation to upgrade from? It's a genuine WinMe installation, which works OK. Is there a specific file that the upgrade disc looks for? If so, which?

I'm curious... If I didn't have a win 98 CD I can used then I'd have a problem!

Thanks in anticipation,



  MichelleC 09:55 23 Oct 2006

It could be lying. What it means is it wants verification, as do all upgrades. Every time I installed w2k upgrade on various pc's it would ask for 98 disc, so unlike a non-upgrade you can't install without a previous os verification. I'm not sure with xp upgrade but with w2k upgrade I can install as many times as required. If you can then it's better than a full xp disc which is license restricted.
Unless I've misunderstood.

  Simsy 11:12 23 Oct 2006

of the difference betqween a full and upgrade.

It looks for a qualifying product to upgrade from, (WinMe is such a product), but can't find it.

WinMe is there... it boots from it OK. Why can't the XP upgrade disc find it when it looks for it? that's the mystery.

I'm at work at the moment, but it's just ocured to me that perhaps it would find it if I wasn't BOOTING from the CD, but ran it from within Windows.

I suspect that isn't the problem because booting from the CD it does LOOK... it just can't FIND.

AS I say, I have a qualifying disc that will suffice, but I'm curious as to why this might be happening.



  X™ 13:45 23 Oct 2006


I was about to say that. Yes, you have to use the CD within windows and select upgrade.

  vinnyT 13:46 23 Oct 2006

See, even Microsoft hate ME;)

  Sethhaniel 13:57 23 Oct 2006

"A problem is preventing windows from accuratlely checking the licence for this computer - ERROR CODE 8: 0x8009001d"

Rootkit finder found this file changed
msv1_0.dll 127kb Microsoft Authentication Package v1.0 5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)

  namtas 14:09 23 Oct 2006

Just a thought was your Win ME an upgrade from Win 98?
if so this might explain why it is requiring the win 98 data.

  dth 14:44 23 Oct 2006

it isn't that as I had an upgrade dic from win m/e and that worked fine with xp

  Dipso 15:04 23 Oct 2006

"Is there a specific file that the upgrade disc looks for?"

Usually the WinME setup.exe is found under C:\Windows\Options\Cabs or C:\Windows\Options\Install. If you don't have either of these maybe that's why you get the no qualifying installation message?

  Pamy 15:26 23 Oct 2006

Is an OEM disk a qualifying disk for upgrading?

  Simsy 06:02 24 Oct 2006

To answer a couple of questions raised...

namtas; No, the WinMe wasn't an upgrade.

X™; But I didn't want to do an upgrade... I wanted to do a format and clean install.

Pamy; Yes an OEM disk is sufficient, as long as it's a "Windows" disc, not a company "Restore" disc. (Having said that I believe that some "Restore" discs do suffice, as they do have "Windows" on, rather than just restore instructions for a hidden partition.)

I was sure that what I was trying to do was possible...

Anyway, the job is now done, having run the disc from within Windows, but I did get a strange result...

I chose the option to do a "Fresh Install", i.e not upgrade over the top. It seemed to go OK, and I chose NTFS as the file structure. I don't remember the exact sequence of events, but when all was said and done, and it was finished, it wasn't an Upgrade installation, with all installed progs still functioning, (as I did a month ago with my son's PC), but there were "already" lots of programme folders withing the "Windows/Programme Files" folder on the new installation.

This confused me, so I tried a couple; "Word" didn't work, saying it needed to be installed, but "PowerDVD" did appear to work. There were no entries for these, or all the other progs that had folders, in the add/remove dialogue...

So I deleted all these programme folders, installed ccleaner, and ran it to clean up any registry issues before starting to re-install everything and set it up for my dad as he recognises it.

The fact that "Word" told me it wasn't installed indicates that it didn't just "upgrade", over the top, but the fact that all these programme folders exist indicates that a format didn't take place either!

I was paying attention to all the steps... at least I thought I was! Maybe I missed a "Format" option. I remember being carefully advised when choosing NTFS that contents wouln't be visible to other OSs. Perhaps I should have presented my Win98 disc in the first place!

Oh well... all seems to be working now, so I'm not going to worry about it...

Until the next time!!

Thanks for all the interest,



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