Using XP disc on another PC.

  Gordal 16:28 08 Apr 2007

Hi - I have a neighbour/friend who knows nothing about PCs at all. His system is so badly screwed up the only answer is a fresh re-install of XP.

However although he has the CD, he cannot find the Product Key and as he is currently unable to get on the net, I cannot down load Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder or the likes.

I have found an XP disk (NOT an OEM) with the Product Key attached to it, which belongs to a machine I gave to my Son some time ago, and which he has not used for about a year.

Question - can I use this XP disc to do a fresh install on the friend's PC - also is it legal?

  p;3 16:32 08 Apr 2007

as far as I am aware the answer to the last part is a NO;

as to the screwed up pc; what do you think IS wrong with it?l or is it easier to say what is right with it?

  Gordal 17:27 08 Apr 2007

Disappointed - I thought that, because it was NOT an OEM disk, and was purched at full price, and is not being used on two PCs, it would be OK.

Hard to answer your second question - I know a fair bit about PCs and when my own PCs have reached the stage of distortion/corruption, I have always found the best answer is a fresh install of the OS.

  Zaphod 3 17:34 08 Apr 2007

Can you not download belarc or magical jelly bean onto a usb stick or cd and run on the screwed one then?

  Kate B 17:35 08 Apr 2007

I don't know how many times I've said this over the past few days: so long as it's the same version of XP - ie home or pro - I'm pretty sure you can use a full XP disc to do an install and use your own licence number, not the one that goes with the full disc, which belongs to the computer it's installed on. It's the licence number that counts, not the disc. Does nobody ever search the forums before asking questions?

  Fingees 17:35 08 Apr 2007

It would probably work OK and get activated without problem as it was a long time since original installation.

However, once it gets activated on your friends machine, your son will not be able to activate his copy if anything goes wrong with his version. as technically it can only be used on one machine, and has to be removed from the original PC

  p;3 17:45 08 Apr 2007

please yellow envelope me ; I may have something that may help if I can put it where iI can find it!!

  bremner 17:55 08 Apr 2007

Gordal problem is that he is unable to ascertain the licence number for the installation on the messed up machine.

So he asked if he could use a disk and licence key that has already been installed on a machine that is now unused.

  Woolwell 18:02 08 Apr 2007

Possibly silly question because his disc is not OEM - there isn't a sticker on the PC case with the licence key on it is there? Many modern PC's have this sticker.

  Kate B 18:03 08 Apr 2007

ah, thanks for clearing that up, bremner, I hadn't gathered that from the post. You're right, of course, he can't use another licence key - unless it's a full copy of XP that is no longer in use on the PC on which it was first installed.

  Batch 18:48 08 Apr 2007

Following Woolwell's reply. There may well be a sticker on the PC case (look on the back as well) regardless of whether it is OEM or not. In fact I thought it tended to be the OEM ones that had the sticker ('cos the licence "belongs" to the specific PC, not the CD).

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