using xp with 2 hard drives

  Majin_Vegetto 13:43 22 Mar 2004

i have windows xp pro with 2 hard drives one has 20gb while the other has 120 and with my aging 1.3ghz cpu this is slowing my pc right down, does anyone know how i can get all the information from the 20gb and put it on the 120gb one, and if so how? there has to be a simpler method than copying every file and pasting it seperatly

  MichelleC 13:52 22 Mar 2004

Can't you drag and copy folders via explorer?

  Majin_Vegetto 13:57 22 Mar 2004

iv tried that but it says it cant copy soem files bcoz they r in use

  pj123 14:00 22 Mar 2004

Download xxclone (free) from click here this will copy everything from one disk to another.

  keith-236785 14:03 22 Mar 2004

If what you mean is that you want to transfer Windows onto the 120 gig drive then you would need a program such as norton ghost to do it for you.

most other things can be copied and pasted but they may not work properly if you choose to remove the 20gig drive.

best solution is to swap the drives over (change the jumpers on the drives from master to slave on the 20 gig, and slave to master on the 120 gig )then format/re-install windows, do a fresh install on the 120 gig drive.

good luck

  Rayuk 18:30 22 Mar 2004

If you download manufacturers software for the 120Gb drive you will be able to copy everything from the 20Gb onto this.

  morris948 18:37 22 Mar 2004

I used Acronis migrate easy, when i wanted to upgrade my hard drive to a larger model, it really works well, it just copies the entire contents to an unformatted blank new hard drive in 15 mins, then change the jumper to master and install in the position of your existing drive and hey presto! it's as if nothing ever changed.

  bremner 18:43 22 Mar 2004

An unexplained part of your posting is why you think that having two drives is slowing your machine down.

I run three machines at home each with two drives and none has speed issues. One has an old Athlon 750Mhz CPU.

At work I run two 550Mhz machines each with multiple large drives. No speed issues there either.

If your machine is slow then I would explore the reasons which are umlikely to be because you have two drives.

  Majin_Vegetto 12:36 23 Mar 2004

i have an amd duron 1.3ghz, 2 hard drives one 20gb and the other 120gb i have 512mb sdram and a 128mb sapphire graphics card, however it still takes forever to load windows xp and some of my games run really slowly

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:42 23 Mar 2004

Think more ram would help i know 512 seems a lot but when everthing loaded u only end up with about 150mb left and to run games as well it would use a lot of swop file if it ran out of memory and xp loves ram another 512 and you may see a difference.Also defragging the hdd's might help a little.


  billyliv 13:38 23 Mar 2004

Hi, No matter how many hard drives you have in your machine, you can only use one at a time. So that isn't going to slow you down. (I have 4 in mine with no problems). as you say it is an aging machine so it will probably have a lot of useless junk on it. A clear out will do wonders. Cheers and good luck with it. Bill

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