Using a wireless router as a wi-fi receiver

  si_gone 19:56 02 Aug 2008

I have now got two wireless routers (one free with a broadband subscription) but no stand alone wi-fi receivers. My son and daughter both have wireless laptops and my office PC is connected to a wireless broadband router via ethernet cable. For the study PC, can I use the spare wireless broadband router as a wi-fi receiver, if I connect it to the PC via a cable?

  woodchip 20:09 02 Aug 2008

I do not know what you are on about, a Wireless Router is a Wireless Receiver. It just needs your Router and WiFi setup to work together

  skidzy 21:30 02 Aug 2008

Yes i believe so,it would be treated as an access point once configured.

  chub_tor 21:42 02 Aug 2008

Using a wireless router as an access point is exactly what I do. I have a non wireless Netgear DG834 and a Belkin wireless router that came free with a laptop that my daughter bought in the USA and didn't need.

I run an ethernet cable from the Internet/WAN connection on the Belkin to one of the Netgear router ports. I configured the Belkin to be an access point using the Belkin settings and it has been no trouble for more than a year now and it allows me to put the wireless part high up in the house so that I get maximum coverage.

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