using a win 95 pc for connecting to the internet

  Kingfisher 13:40 10 Oct 2005

I have been asked if an old win 95 pc can be used with cable broadband for connecting to the internet.
I am not sure of exact spec of pc, but I believe it to be pentuim 2 with 64meg ram am gusssing processor speed to be around 300mhz.
will it work, or what is the min spec please.
many thanks

  MAJ 13:49 10 Oct 2005

You can download a utility from click here it will check out the specs of the computer and see if it's capable. You haven't mentioned a network card, you'll need one.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:51 10 Oct 2005

Min spec for NTL click here

pentium 166, 64MB ram, 74mb drive space req

USB socket or etnernet connection.

  jimv7 13:52 10 Oct 2005

Most isp's that I have seen specifically ask for a minimum of win 98v2, for the usb which win95 does not support or win 98 that has little support for usb.

  mgmcc 14:19 10 Oct 2005

There is no reason why Windows 95 cannot connect by ethernet to Cable Broadband; USB is obviously not an option.

The "minimum specs" are a bit of a nonsense, because a router can connect, independently of a PC, and it doesn't meet any of the min specs!

  jimv7 14:35 10 Oct 2005

mgmcc, even telewest who supply a usb/lan modem specify win 98v2.

  sattman 14:49 10 Oct 2005

The early versions of Windows 95 did not support USB and required a patch, You have to have Windows 95 vers 2.5 or later. Option is to upgrade to windows 98 which is straightfoward.

  Kingfisher 15:01 10 Oct 2005

Thanks to you all for your response, looks like it might be a new pc

  MAJ 16:02 10 Oct 2005

"Thanks to you all for your response, looks like it might be a new pc"

No, just a new network card.

  Echo1 16:15 10 Oct 2005

...and a more up-to-date OS wouldn't hurt either.

I ran BY cable BB on my Pentium1 200MHz with a network card and Windows '98 SE. Twas slow but did the job (mostly).:)

  keith-236785 16:21 10 Oct 2005

windows 3.1 and later can connect to the internet with a lan card.

usb is a non starter with win95 (later versions did have usb support but it was poor)

if your modem uses a lan connection, you can connect with any version of windows.

just to ditto what MAJ & mgmcc have said.

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