using a video card for vga capture.

  xianoa 21:30 26 Aug 2007

i have two nvidia cards, the one i use for my monitor is a geforce 660 sl, the one i wanted to use for video capture is a geforce4 mx440.

what i was wondering is whether or not its possible for me to record somehow using my mx440, help?

  woodchip 21:35 26 Aug 2007

Only if it is a Capture Card, Normal VGA is no good

  xianoa 21:36 26 Aug 2007

well is it not possible to use the video in function?

  holme 22:18 26 Aug 2007

I'm confused. AFAIK graphics cards don't have a video IN function.

There's an S-video socket on the mx440 but that's for video OUT.

By "video capture", do you mean digitising capturing video from a camcorder or VCR?

  xianoa 22:49 26 Aug 2007

wha ti remember is a cousin doing it a while ago [not hte same video cards]. it is to record from vga, my xbox360, to make game guides.

  holme 23:00 26 Aug 2007

My mistake folks, I misunderstood what you were trying to do. Sorry if my posting at 22:18 confused the issue. :-(

  xianoa 23:01 26 Aug 2007

so is it possible to do it with the mx440? or would i have to buy a specific card ?

  xianoa 23:41 26 Aug 2007

is there any vga capture devices?

  holme 09:19 27 Aug 2007

I sense we're /all/ confusing each other here...

For avoidance of said confusion, please could you answer my earlier query:

-- By "video capture", do you mean capturing/digitising video from a camcorder or VCR? -- (A yes/no answer would assist).

I think it's your comment "... record from vga" which is throwing people. Please could you expand on what that means; we've certainly never heard the term, or "game guides". TIA.

  xianoa 15:15 27 Aug 2007

i mean recording live feed from a vga output.

im using a vga cable for the xbox360, i wanted high definition as oppose to standard scart.

i have stuff for digitizing feed from camera's and vcr's, but thats not what i wanted.

in short, no. VGA, the plug your monitor will use on a computer.

by game guide i meant a video guide to a game.

  holme 15:30 27 Aug 2007

OK, it's a terminology problem. Your use of "video capture" threw us.

It seems you are looking at "screencast", which is a digital recording of a computer screen output.

We have little experience of the topic but it looks like you need something like this click here which should give you the high-res recording. HTH.

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