using a USB stick

  p;3 23:16 10 Jan 2007

I have seen these used at work on win 2000 machines and XP machines however my need is to use one with win 98se

for information to be transfered to a winxp machine

I have gotten involved with a misbehaving pc and hopefully I will be needing to transfer information from my pc to the usb stick for transfering to the rogue pc as there is no floppy drive on the other machine

having no idea of how this is done...can anyone oblige with an idiots guide ?

  ed-0 23:31 10 Jan 2007

For the windows 98se machine, you will have to install drivers to get the usb drive to be recognised and work. You must load the drivers before you plug the drive into the windows 98se usb port.

When you have the drivers loaded on the 98se machine, just plug in the usb drive.

Then it's just a case of plugging in the drive into either the 98se or XP machine. It will show as a removable drive. You just then drag and drop any file you want into the associated drive letter of the usb stick.

  Belatucadrus 11:11 11 Jan 2007

This makes it worth while going for a branded product as you should be able to check the availability of W98 drivers before parting with the readies. Many of the generic USB memory sticks from people like ebuyer can be hard to identify, making sorting the requisite drivers inordinately difficult.
click here may be of use.

  p;3 14:36 11 Jan 2007

any advise on which driver I should look for??

I have been given a san disk cruzer mini 512mb usb for the task if it is possible;I have put this request in the absolute beginner ssection as I admit I know nowt about these sticks other than that they can hold and transfer information; ; that is the extent of my knowledge

my win 98se machine does not yet recognise the usb pen; and proving my ignorance, does one have to pay for the driver?

  VoG II 15:14 11 Jan 2007

As far as I can see it needs ME or above click here(1064)-SanDisk_Cruzer_Mini_USB_Flash_Drive.aspx

Have you thought of e-mailing from one machine to another?

  VoG II 15:14 11 Jan 2007

Try again click here

  p;3 15:22 11 Jan 2007

one has thought of a lot of things including chucking the relevent machine out the second floor window;

the machine at present refuses point blank to connect to the internet; (dear norton is (was/is involved::((( )

so how to get a usb stick to work and collect info ; if that fails then it is off to the mechanic for a reistall

the USB was the only option left before that

it may yet fail::((

  VoG II 15:31 11 Jan 2007
  VoG II 15:31 11 Jan 2007

NB run that before plugging the drive in.

  ed-0 16:14 11 Jan 2007

VoG™ drivers. They should be fine. You just need to put them on the win98 machine, Xp will see it fine.

If by the slimmest chance the drivers don't go, post back. I have a driver disk thats just under 1.5Mb, slightly larger than VoG™. I'll upload it to the web if you need it.

  p;3 19:41 11 Jan 2007

assuming I have managed to unzip it properly, where should I find the driver?

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