Using Two Routers?

  shaduf 21:36 21 Oct 2010

In my study at home I have a telephone point feeding a D-Link router which serves my Desktop PC via
a Network cable and also two laptops wirelessly.

In the lounge I have a TV with a connection point for the internet and also a Panasonic Blu-ray recorder with a similar connection point. Neither of these has a wireless system built in so a lengthy cable is required for each or you have to buy an expensive wireless dongle.

Is it possible to add another router in the lounge connected to a telephone point which could then feed the TV and the Blu-ray via short patch cables and would also enable me to have a strong wireless point for the laptops in the lounge.

In the December PC Advisor a TP-Link router is reviewed and is a best buy. This costs about £23 and presumably would fit the bill. If so it would be no more expensive than buying lengthy cables and would save a lot of work and presumably would be more reliable.

Thanks in anticipation.

  mgmcc 22:25 21 Oct 2010

You cannot have two Modem/Routers connected simultaneously to an ADSL enabled phone line.

One option might be to use Homeplugs. Plug one into a mains socket in the study and connect that by ethernet cable to your router. In the lounge plug in a second Homeplug and connect the TV to that. If you need *two* ethernet ports in the lounge, you'd then also need a Network Switch.

>>> ...or you have to buy an expensive wireless dongle

Wireless dongles are not necessarily expensive, e.g. this 150Mbps 802.11n adapter under £10 click here

  shaduf 16:33 22 Oct 2010

Thanks for that mgmcc.
I think I expected not to be able to use two routers on one line. Didn't realise wireless dongles were so cheap though. Samsung say only theirs will work with their TV but they would, wouldn't they? May well give the Edimax a try.
If not I'll just run two cables in.
Thanks again.


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