using tv/monitor with laptop

  nobbyhigo 12:26 29 Nov 2009

i have plugged the VGA cable into my desktop monitor and laptop .when i boot i still get the image on my laptop and no signal on the monitor. What am i doing wrong
i wanted to adopt this idea so my daughter whos lappy screen has gone to use her digi tv to view
thanks nobby

  bremner 12:40 29 Nov 2009

Normal Fn F5 changes the focus of the monitor.

  ambra4 14:00 29 Nov 2009

Using the “FN” key (Function) and the “CRT/LCD” key look at the top of keyboard “F” keys

Hold down the FN key and press the CRT/LCD key once

Display will change as follows: -

Press once laptop display only

Press again external display only

Press again both laptop and external display

You must hold down the FN key each time you press the CRT/LCD key

Depending in the size of the monitor you will have to adjust the screen resolution for the

display to fill the monitor screen

  nobbyhigo 15:03 29 Nov 2009

i have found the FN key. Which of the little graphics on the "f" keys is the CRT/LCD

  ambra4 15:07 29 Nov 2009

"Which of the little graphics on the "f" keys is the CRT/LCD"

It look like two monitors F8

  nobbyhigo 15:15 29 Nov 2009

ok i have 2 keys f7/ f8 with the same graphics , ie monitor with arrows up and down aside them is a brightness graphic , that should do i will try those thanks

  woodchip 16:13 29 Nov 2009

Its fn plus F4 on my Laptop but it is a HP

  nobbyhigo 17:08 29 Nov 2009

yep they are both hp510

  woodchip 18:35 29 Nov 2009

thats what mine is use the above fn and f4

  nobbyhigo 20:27 29 Nov 2009

thanks again woodchip my daughters is the same . The screen as just blanked , nothing just black so i am going to vga it to my desktop monitor and see if we get anything it cranks up on start up then nothing. Have you any advise
regards nobby

  woodchip 23:23 29 Nov 2009

You can after stating the Laptop as Normal, Right Click on empty Desktop then Properties\Settings Tab you should see two Monitors if its connected try clicking on other monitor. Also Under Advanced look for Dual Monitor, But if both are connected the should both show where it shows you the two monitors. When only one is working not connected to another the number 2 monitor will look different like its grayed out

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