Using Tiny URL correctly

  aine 20:50 11 Apr 2008

Could someone please explain how to use the above correctly. I have read their website but cannot understand the explanation. It states drag the tinyurl into the bookmark toolbar, I have not got one only bookmark toolbar folder. Dragging it into this does nothing to shorten the URLs, after clicking it like they say takes me back yo their web page. I want to use it to stop flashing adverts. I have Adblock Plus, but this does not stop them either. Regards Aine

  Technotiger 20:55 11 Apr 2008

I did not realise you had hi-jacked Barmoor's thread when I answered your questions, so here it is at the end of Barmoor's thread ...

click here

  Technotiger 21:00 11 Apr 2008

However, Tiny URL does not stop the ads appearing, it only prevents very long URLs causing the ads to over-lap the text in threads.

In Firefox, go to Tools>Options and click on Content, then you can put a tick in the box Block Pop-up Windows.

  aine 21:47 11 Apr 2008

I thought that the other thread was closed, i have tiny URL in the navigation bar, but I cannot get it to do anything other than go to some obscure page. I have popups ticked in options. I am still at a loss on how to use it properly. Once more I apologise for hijacking a thread. Aine

  [email protected] 21:48 11 Apr 2008

block ads
firefox >tools>clear private data>check mark everything>restart firefox
update adblock plus subsccriptions
within firefox
tools>adblock plus>filters>add subscriptions>eg. easy list usa>restart firefox
or if already have subscription update it

The flashing ads are they on the page itself or pop ups,if the latter you have a spyware issue of some sort.

  Technotiger 21:56 11 Apr 2008

To use Tiny URL, first highlight the URL address, then left-click on the Tiny URL icon on the toolbar, and then left-click on From Current URL, then wait a moment for a small window to appear and when it has completed click on Close. The small window will disappear. Now make sure your flashing cursor is in a clear spot within this Message box by right-clicking within this Message box, then finally left-click and then when you click on Post Response at the bottom of this box you will see a 'click here' appear in the thread.

I hope that makes sense - you will soon get used to it.

Try doing one now in this thread, you can make this thread appear as a 'click-here' ......

  Technotiger 22:20 11 Apr 2008

then finally left-click and then when you click on Post Response at the bottom of this box you will see a 'click ..........

I forgot to add after 'finally left-click' - you should then click on Paste, then click on Post Response ....... etc

  VoG II 22:23 11 Apr 2008

This is the easiest method click here

  aine 17:07 12 Apr 2008

I am afraid that my age must be catching up with me. I have tried Technotigers and Vocs explanations and I still cannot get either to work for me .With technotigers, as soon as I click on tinyurl the little box appears, then before anything happens it sends me to Tinyurl web page, talking about blank? Vols directs me to tinyurl, but I am afraid I cannot understand the writeup. With reference to spyware I have scanned the PC with, superon ccleaner a2squared,spybot and winaso. Nothing found on any site. sorry for being a pest or idiot. Aine

  bretsky 19:37 12 Apr 2008

Have you created a bookmarks toolbar in Firefox??
If not goto view>toolbars>and tick bookmarks toolbar and you should see an extra toolbar appear with latest headlines and maybe getting started buttons. Now then, follow VoG™'s link and simply drag n drop the blue link into the bookmarks toolbar you just created so that when you want to condense a url of a certain page you're on you just click on the tiny URL button in your bookmarks toolbar and you will be taken to the tiny website with the URL shortened, and you can even test to open the new shortened url in a new window. Method I used for both Firefox & Opera.

bretsky ;0)

  Technotiger 20:01 12 Apr 2008

1. Highlight the URL (it will have dark background).

2. Left-click on URL icon on your Navigation (Tool) Bar.

3. Left-click on "From Current URL"

4. Left-click on Close button in small window.

5. Scroll down to Message Box (where I am typing this now) and Left-click in Box. You will now see a flashing cursor.

6. Right-click inside Box.

7. Left-click on Paste.

8. Left-click on POST RESPONSE.

That's it, Done.

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