Using Samsung DVD-recorder through hi-fi – problem

  kwil2 00:52 26 Nov 2008

I already have a good DVD-recorder in operation with my TV.
However, given a brand-new though two-year old Samsung DVD-Recorder (Model: DVD-SR150M, with Freeview), I’d like to use its DVD-playing function as part of my main hi-fi via my amplifier. My hifi is situated in another room.
Basically, all I want to do is play MP3’s, recorded to DVD, through my system.

Here’s the problem: operating the Samsung is done via the remote control. Inserting an acceptable MP3-DVD, loading takes place, but the display window shows a row of dashes only.
Clicking 'Play’ brings up the display: ‘Setup’
No matter what I do, I can’t get past this. I’ve scoured the Instruction Manual, but nothing is helpful there.
I connected the Samsung to my TV, thinking that if I setup this way, then this would solve the problem when I re-connected it to my hi-fi.
To get to ‘Setup’, the ‘Menu’ button is pressed and the tuning/settings etc proved straightforward.
Placing the same MP3-DVD in the Samsung at that point,it loaded and played perfectly.
Disconnecting the Samsung and re-connecting its ‘Audio Out’ jacks to my amplifier’s ‘Audio In’ and well…no luck…The infernal ‘Setup’ display again!
Can anyone advise me how to achieve my aim?
Perhaps you have the same model? Or have you managed the same with another recorder?
Somehow, I feel this really should be easily possible, so chances are I’m missing something obvious and simple.
I’d appreciate any help.
Many thanks

  eedcam 05:45 26 Nov 2008

Only a guess just possible it needs to have the scart connection to see the tv but in your case with only the audio outputs connected ?

  kwil2 17:09 26 Nov 2008

Thanks for taking time to reply, eedcam...
Yes, my only connection is Samsung 'Audio Out' to amplifier 'Audio In'
Since, as I said, the hifi is in another room, your point about a scart lead seems good, but distance from TV to amp would make that a non-starter.
As an experiment, I managed to connect the aerial lead to the Samsung and found that I could receive 'audio' from the TV...but still the same 'Setup' display when I loaded the MP3-DVD.
So, no further forward...any further thoughts/guesses would be welcome.

  woodchip 17:15 26 Nov 2008

Why not use one of those Sender Units, I think Maplin as them in. they are Wire free. But you Sound Device would need to be turned on

  eedcam 18:53 26 Nov 2008

Kwil I was'nt suggesting using scart just that it would the probable reason your set up wont work ..You could flog the recorder and just get a player or even just get a player thats as cheap or cheaper than a sender unit

  kwil2 00:17 28 Nov 2008

Thanks again to those who've replied.
I've taken on board all the suggestions so far and am still working on a solution.
I'll keep you posted.

  MCE2K5 02:10 28 Nov 2008

Is the mp3 dvd Finalised.

Please correct me if I am wrong, But from what I can gather from your OP, Is that, If you put the mp3 dvd in the player it does Not Auto Play the mp3's, Correct?

  MCE2K5 02:49 28 Nov 2008

Does the same thing happen when you play an mp3 CD.

  kwil2 05:28 28 Nov 2008

Hi MDE2K5...
Yes, MP3-DVD's are finalised and MP3-CD/CD-RW's do auto play, but not DVD's.
So at least I have an extra CD-Player!
For obvious space reasons,though, I prefer to load MP3's onto DVD media.
Thanks for your thoughts, nevertheless...

  eedcam 12:58 28 Nov 2008

Kwil not a solution but worth a thought .I use a program which allows you to put create a proper audio dvd with menus with a choice of quality level even the lowest is considered better than mp3
Here is a list
Select the audio encoding format: PCM (48 kHz/16 bit) has high quality which is similar to Audio CDs, the total playing time is up to 6 hours. PCM (96 kHz/24 bit) has the best quality, but total play time is only 2 hours. AC3 (192 kbps) has high quantity, the total playing time is up to 45 hours, and the quality is still good. If your DVD player supports, you can select AC3 (128 kbps) to hold more audio files on one Audio DVD. A number of coding rates are
also provided to allow a flexible balance to be selected between playing time and audio

If you have AC3 5.1 ch or AC3 2.0 ch files which created by other tools or ripped from DVD movies, you can select the same coding rate and channels, those AC3 files will be transcoded to Audio DVD without any quality loss.

If you select AC3 5.1 ch output, all stereo audio files will be matrix-mixed to 5.1 channels, which will have surround effect on 5.1 Audio Speaker S

  kwil2 23:27 28 Nov 2008

Thanks for the reply,eedcam...
That program sounds interesting, but you forgot to mention what it is or where to get it/cost etc
Could you let me have that info asap?

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