Using RESTORE POINT with system updates

  Philbert 19:26 25 Apr 2004

I'm trying to resolve why my computer has become sooooo slow in the last week or two.
I downloaded some Microsoft IE critical fixes a week or so ago and want to get the system back to before that. I don't know that this is the problem, it just looked like a logical move.
Can I go to the restore point before installing the critical fixes? If I were doing this with some 3rd party application I would uninstall the application then go the restore point, then reinstall. How do I do this though with IE and XP?
Please educate me. Thank you.
I'm using Win XP Home Edition 2002 SP1 on a Dell Dimension 8100 with a Pentium 4 1.6 GHz processor. IE is version 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.x

  GaT7 00:53 28 Apr 2004

Can I go to the restore point before installing the critical fixes?

You may be able to - click here - "...Installing an update by using Automatic Updates or installing an update directly by using Windows Update causes System Restore to create a restore point..."

These links may be helpful too - System Restore FAQs, How-to Guide & T'shooting - click here. How to configure and use Automatic Updates in Windows XP - click here. Good luck, G

  hugh-265156 01:12 28 Apr 2004

slow in what way?

do you mean internet or in general use?

usually choosing a restore point prior to when a windows update was installed reverts xp back to the starte it was in before the windows update was installed,requiring it to be re insatlled again.if of course the update is causing the problem in the first place then you dont want to do this.

do you carry out general windows maintenance tasks like disc clean up and defragment regularly? if not try running you have much free hard drive space?try uninstalling some uneeded software if you are running low on space.

do you have an up to date antivirus software installed? if so check its all up to date and run a full scan with it.

sometimes spyware or adware can cause a computer to slow down and be unresponsive.try downloading,updating and running both adaware and spybot and remove anything they find click here click here

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